Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony

January 24, 2019

Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony

Big or small, an unloved balcony is a tragic sight. Many people make the mistake of using small balconies to dump broken furniture, dead plants and other useless things. You can create an irresistible space out of a neglected outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

Double Duty Furniture and Affordable Decking

Most apartment balconies have a boring concrete floor that is devoid of personality. Luckily, with interlocking deck tiles, you can spruce up a boring slab. Installation is not a problem at all—all the pieces can be snapped together easily. You can opt for inexpensive wood. A small storage bench, which can be used as seating, will be a good addition.

DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

To add style and function to spaces DIY projects are the best. You will find large bamboo poles at local stores at cheap rates. By using ropes and zip tiles you can connect them all. For a warm touch, top it off with lantern string lights.

Turn a Cement Balcony into an Urban Oasis

If you have a small, boring cement balcony by adding an accent feature on the existing walls you can make it look impressive. Create a nook for decorative accessories and potted plants. With reed fencing, you can give your outdoor nook a tropical twist. If there are other buildings surrounding your balcony and you need some privacy you can install white lattice panels. You can also add a storage bench to store gardening supplies.

Turn Your Balcony into an Outdoor Room

Even a small balcony can be converted into a reading nook or a spot to dine. You can make it an extension of the interior of your home. Opt for furniture that is weather-resistant. To cover the concrete floor, add a vibrant outdoor rug. Bring the comfort of the indoors outdoors by adding a faux wicker sofa and coffee table set. If you need more spots to sit add folding chairs.

Balcony with a Planter Wall

Any balcony will look lively if there is a planter wall. To add a festive touch, opt for globe string lights. Add a sofa and cushions that are weather resistant, and a soft rug. You are done.

A Fancy or a Solid Fabric Privacy Screen

If privacy is what your balcony is lacking you can add an attractive privacy screen. For a pop of greenery add potted plants. To enliven the space, use wicker furniture and also some colorful hanging lights. You can also opt for a solid fabric privacy screen that comes with fasteners.

Add A Balcony Table That Doesn't Need Floor Space

If your balcony doesn’t have any space for a table you can attach a shelf on the railing. It can hold a few glasses and bottles.

Concrete Furniture Is Perfect for Balconies

The trend now is to have decorative accessories and features made with concrete. Accent tables made of concrete are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. So make your pick.

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