Tips on how to prepare your home before going on vacation

October 30, 2018

Tips on how to prepare your home before going on vacation

It is a stressful affair to get ready for a vacation. For a few days of relaxation in a breathtaking locale, it may feel like you have to organize and take care of a million different things.

Vacation Proof your home

Before you leave on your next vacation here are a few things you should do around the house.


You don’t want to step into a dirty home after a nice, relaxing vacation. Before you leave there is no need for you to deep clean everything. But you will totally come out of that relaxed mood the moment you step into a dirty home.

So for your own sanity, it is best to clean your home before you leave for a vacation. Eat any fruits sitting out, scrub the toilets and sinks, vacuum and toss.

Clean out the refrigerator

Take a peek inside your refrigerator. You will find a lot of things to throw away. Clean the fridge. You don’t want to see a fridge that is filled with rotten and stinky food after a nice vacation.

Take out the trash

Cleaning your home includes taking out the trash. Your trash will be full, especially since you have cleaned the refrigerator. If you forget to do this task, pests and all sorts of bad smells will greet you when you come back from your relaxing vacation.

Double-check the laundry

It's easy to forget the obvious things while frantically cleaning the house and running around packing. Make sure to check the washing machine before you leave.

If the wet clothes sit in the dryer for a week you know how it is going to smell.  

Take precautions for fire

While you're gone all electronics that don’t need power has to be unplugged. It will not only lower the risk of an electrical fire but also help in saving your energy bill. Unplug things like unused chargers, computers, routers, televisions, etc.

Ask a friend to gather your mail

A telltale sign that the place is vacant is a whole lot of emails at your doorsteps. You can alert the post office to keep your mail on hold. But instead of alerting a third party about your absence it's better to ask a family member, neighbour or friend, to stop by every day and gather the mail for you.

Check all the doors and windows

It's wise to check all exit and entry points right before you leave. Check whether you have closed all the doors and windows, especially those windows or doors that are seldom used. The side doors rarely get used so it's easy to forget about that, and that would be the first place a thief is likely to check.

Leave Lights On?

There is no hard and fast rule about this. So do whatever you feel comfortable. Some are of the opinion that the lights in the same place at the same time every night will indicate that you are not home. It is always better to switch on alternate lights, but that will be possible only if you have a trustworthy neighbour or friend to do the job in your absence.

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