Tips on caring for wood furniture

March 19, 2018

Tips on caring for wood furniture

Wooden furniture is an all-time favourite as it is sturdier and will give a polished look to your interiors. However, it is not easy to maintain wooden furniture as it has a tendency to accumulate dirt, dust and grease.

It has a tendency of absorbing water or oils and slowly loses its lustre. It is also more likely to wear of polish and loses its sheen. In order to prevent this it has to be cleaned and polished regularly.

To prevent damage to the furniture and keep its sheen wooden furniture requires regular cleaning, dusting, waxing and varnish. Wooden furniture will also get destroyed if it is exposed to humidity and moisture.

Caring Wood Furniture



Dusting: To keep your furniture clean dusting it twice or thrice a week is a must. To keep the dirt away you could use a feather duster, a rag cloth or a brush. Large surfaces can be cleaned using a feather duster. A cloth or brush can be used to clean crevices and corners.

Soap and water: Avoid using water and soap as it can stain the furniture. To get rid of hard stains you can use water and soap occasionally. To avoid staining, clean immediately with a dry cloth.

Commercial cleaners: They can leave a sheen on the furniture as they contain powerful ingredients. However, they contain chemicals and hence use them only occasionally.

Homemade cleaners: To clean the wooden surface there are a number of home made products that are safe to use and will work really well.  


A number of products are available in the market to clean wooden furniture but almost all of them contain chemicals. They can cause skin irritation. The safest ingredients are those found in our own homes. Here are a few of them.

Vinegar: It is great at removing greasy deposits and oily stains as it cuts through grime and grease.

Lime juice: It works almost like vinegar but without the unpleasant smell. That makes lime juice a great option to clean wooden furniture.

Olive oil: In addition to clean the furniture it can also leave sheen on the furniture. 

Turpentine and linseed oil: It can give a great polish and thoroughly clean your furniture. But like vinegar it has an unpleasant smell.


Dirt and grime: Use a mixture of lime juice and turpentine to clean the surface.

Removing dark moisture stains: To remove the surface layer use sand paper. Rub it two to three times without damaging the furniture. Clean the surface using vinegar or lime juice and then apply varnish.  


Humidity can also affect the furniture. As the moisture in the air changes wood contracts and expands. Insect infestation and mould growth are common in wooden furniture exposed to high humidity levels for a prolonged period of time. So it is better to avoid placing wooden furniture in basements or attics or any place that is exposed to extreme temperature.

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