Things to Buy in Pondicherry

December 05, 2016

Pondicherry is a shopaholic’s paradise and is known for its pottery, textiles, furniture, food products and leather goods. If you are looking for antique and restored furniture the former French colony is the place to shop. Leather products manufactured in Pondicherry, handicraft shops, souvenir shops and gift shops often figures in the list of shoppers. Pondicherry arts and crafts, especially ceramic and pottery products made by master craftsmen, are a must buy. We give you a list of shopping hubs and their famous products you should not miss during a visit to Pondicherry.


Kalki sells a range of perfumes, hand painted silks, cushion covers, cards and scarves. If you love natural essential oils, look no further. Here you will find potpourri, incense, aromatherapy, flower candles, bags, books, belts, pottery, jewellery, sandals, and unique souvenirs from regional artisans and Auroville Units.


If you want to buy modern Indian wear, head to the Aurelia store in Pondicherry. They have kurtis, leggings and accessories at affordable prices. You will find a collection of fashionable ethnic wear in excellent fits.


Greymode store pondicherry

 Every traveller who loves to add to their art collection or gift unique decors to their loved ones, Greymode is the place to shop. They sell traditional souvenirs in exquisite designs. Greymode sells unique urlis that are made of Fibre Reinforced Polymer, which you won’t find anywhere else. You will also find different variety of wall decors and sculptures, water fountains, planters, accent tables and stools, which will add a unique touch to any interiors. For more details, visit

Home Trotter

If you are looking for furnishing with a French twist, Home Trotter is the place to be. The Trotter’s store spread over 3000 sq ft has modular sofas, coffee tables, arm chairs, cupboards, beds, consoles, desk, tables as well as home accessories. In short, they sell everything that will add a zing to your home.


One of the most trendy and popular spots to shop in Pondicherry is Casablanca You will find international brands of linen, home décor items and leather goods here. A wide collection of Hidesign products is also on display. Casablanca is quite an interesting place to visit in Pondicherry even if shopping is not on your mind.


Janaki houses some of the best quality products sourced from the Auroville community. From clothing to jewellery and handmade dolls, they sell a plethora of handcrafted items. The Jungle Jewels at Janaki deserves special mention. The ornamental and eco-friendly jewellery are made using natural seeds and other plant materials. Visit

Aurobindo Ashram

The small souvenir shop in Aurobindo Ashram offers greeting cards, books and other memorabilia, and is quite popular with visitors. One can shop for a variety of incense sticks, handmade paper items, souvenirs, perfumed candles, and other unique products at the factory outlet near the Ashram. You can buy incense sticks and candles also from shops situated around town, which are authorised by the Aurobindo Ashram.


The well-known leather goods manufacturer, Hidesign, is in Pondicherry, and when visiting the city a trip to their flagship store is a must. A wide variety of Hidesign products such as wallets and bags for men and women are on display here.


Auroville is yet another place to shop in Puducherry. You will find a number of stores selling a variety of beautiful handmade items, handicrafts, soaps made with natural ingredients, candles, jewellery, perfumes, clothes, books, organic products, and much more.


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