Insanely clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen

To organize all those bits and bobs lying around the kitchen is no easy task. And if the kitchen is small, it makes organizing even more difficult. But with a few tips you can get all your stuff in order!  Try these tips to organize your tiny kitchen.

Tack your plastic bags to the inside of your pantry

To grab a plastic bag you often end up rifling through your drawers and cabinets. There is a simple solution. To the inside of the pantry door just tack the box with the plastic bags. This will make them easily accessible. 

Bring magazine holders to the kitchen!

Bring magazine holders to the kitchen!

It’s time to bring out the magazine racks again! They will come in handy in the kitchen! You can store aluminum and plastic foils in them. And they are perfect for your cutting boards as well.

Make tea tin with dividers

When you have a dozen different types of teas it will be a task to find your perfect pick. One easy way to get them all organized is to get rid of all boxes. To just keep them all in one tidy place a tea tin with dividers will help. Use a bigger container if you think you need more space. You can even label the dividers and add more of them. This will free up your kitchen cabinet and is also pretty fun and crafty.

Keep your veggies in a drawer

Keep your veggies in a drawer

Instead of keeping vegetables on your counter top, you can corral your veggies in a drawer. It prevents them from rolling away or getting wet, and keeps them organized.  

Set up tension rods

Tension rods are totally awesome. The tension rod lets you hang your spray bottles tidily and will help you to clear the bottom of your cabinet, which can be used for storing other items. You no longer have to move the whole lot around and will be able to find what you need instantly.  You can get what you need easily and also put it back just as easily. To help keep frying pans, plates, and other items in line you can also set up tension rods vertically.   

Bring in a revolving food tray

A revolving tray is absolutely a necessary thing to buy for your kitchen. It can be placed in your refrigerator so there is no need to knock over half a dozen things to reach in the back of your fridge to take hold of bottles.

Label ingredients with chalk board paint

Label ingredients with chalk board paint

Chalk board paint is totally incredible stuff for kitchen organization.  You can store ingredient jars upright in a drawer after labeling the tops. This is ideal for seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, and so on. You will know what is inside your containers, without having to open each and every jar.

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