How to Welcome and Prepare for Weekend Guests

May 07, 2019

Welcoming guests tips

It can be quite challenging to play multiple roles of a cook, innkeeper, tour guide and friend, which are essential to be a good host.

With a little extra preparation, you can ease the burden on yourself and make your family and friends feel at home.

Know Your Limits

Knowing the limits of your home is the first rule of thumb. Don’t invite more guests than the house or you can accommodate.

Offer Refreshments on Arrival

The minute they arrive some guests may not feel like they have to forage for food and drinks so supply beverages and snacks on a tray so that they can help themselves whenever they feel hungry.

Provide a grab-and-go breakfast station

For early risers keep breakfast cereals, fresh fruits, and other essentials on the counter. The night before giving guests a quick kitchen tour so without waiting for you they can get their morning tea or coffee.

A small arrangement of flowers and a monogrammed mug will add an extra-special touch to the table.

Keep it simple but organized

Before the guests arrive you need to clean up but to help put guests at ease keep things close to the usual state of things around the house. Set the stage for relaxation by playing music in the background. Also, keep newspapers on the coffee table.

Ask ahead about routines and favorites

Check whether the guests would like to have anything in particular for breakfast and if they have any food allergies. With a little bit of thinking you can pick up a few things especially for your guests.

Prep your front porch

It is the first thing that guests notice on arrival, so make sure it is freshly swept, well lit, and outfitted with green plants and clean cushions.

Create a retreat

It is no brainer that the bedroom must have all the essentials like extra pillows, clean sheets, and blankets. You can also use baskets to hold toiletries and towels. Other essential items are:

-Small alarm clock

- Fashion or vintage home magazines

-An electric tea kettle

-Local travel guide

Ready the Bathrooms

Make the bathroom spotlessly clean. To make the guests feel welcome to add candles, luxury lotion, and fresh flowers.

Simplify Entertaining With Meal Prep

Once the guests arrive you will have to give them company. That won’t be possible if there is too much work in the kitchen. Prep ingredients in advance to minimize your time in the kitchen once guests arrive. This will enable you to throw together quickly easy appetizers and meals.

Keep Guests Satisfied Until Dinner

To keep everyone satisfied until dinner offer midday munchies, like a couple of warm chip-and-dip combos and fruit platter.

Act like a Local Tour Guide

Make sure guests have a spare house key if they are spending time on their own, so they can come and go as they please. Provide a city map and brochures and give them a list of some of the best sight-seeing and shopping destinations.

Designate Kid Space

If your home has curious that you’ve collected from your travels or other breakables put them away. Instead, have a basket of books and not very expensive toys to keep the children occupied. You can also decorate their room with a few of your favorite childhood toys to make them feel at home.

Allow for downtime

There is no need to fill every last second. Have some time to relax, read, chat or nap.

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