How to Hang Art Like a Professional

February 26, 2018

How to Hang Art Like a Professional

You may have collected exquisite artworks from different sources but if you don’t display them properly it’s of no use. You may have displayed art without giving it much of a thought but to make the task of displaying your art on the wall a little easier there are tricks of the trade. And if you follow these tricks the results will be more exciting. These tips will help you to hang pictures like a pro.



To stop a picture from moving on the wall always use two fixings in the wall. From the frame edge the fixings can be positioned 100mm. This will reduce the risk of bowing the frame edge and lessen the pressure on the sides of the frame.


To protect the artwork from fading avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. If you are hanging a painting in a room that receives a lot of ambient daylight it should have UV absorbing glazing in the frame. Hanging art in direct sunlight will result in paper and canvas distortion, too.

Gallery hanging system

If you have too many artworks but too little space you would like to rotate them from time to time. To make this task easier it is better to invest in gallery hanging system. Otherwise, you will end up drilling too many holes on your walls.

Think outside the box

You can frame not just pictures and paintings but a whole lot of interesting things. For instance, old war medals, coins, skulls, bugs, family heirlooms and other odd collections make sensational display pieces. They can be conversation starters as well.

Create a gallery wall

Instead of framing multiple photos in one frame clusters of separately framed photos look more interesting. And never use the same type of frame but use a variety of frames that work together.

How high?

A common mistake most people make is hanging their pieces too high or too low. Make sure that the centre of the artwork is at eye level before hanging. This can be tricky so an easy way to do is make sure the centre is at 160 cm from the floor.

Trial run

Before you start drilling make paper templates to stick on the wall. To determine the best positions for your photos and paintings use paper cut to the size of your frames.

Consult an expert

There are professionals out there to help you create a beautiful wall full of framed pieces. So if you are struggling to display art you can take the help of a professional. Good framers will also be able to assist you about the correct hardware needed to display art.

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