Greymode Introduces Unique Artistic Vases that Suit Different Flowers

January 18, 2017

A simple way to bring more colour into your interior is by using flowers and vases. They can be placed on side tables, centre tables, on bookshelves... anywhere you like.  

Craft Unique Artistic Flower Vases

A blend of innovation and tradition

With Greymode vases you can spice up any interior. You can also add a bit of your creativity while decorating them. You will fall in love with these uniquely shaped artistic vases in which you can place different flowers and flower arrangements. They are a true blend of innovation and tradition and would complement the decor of your home.

Stylish and Sturdy

They are unique not only in their style and design but are quite sturdy as well. Unlike porcelain or ceramic and glass vases these are built using fibre-reinforced plastic, and you can use them without any fear as they won’t break easily. Even if you keep these vases filled with water they won’t corrode.

Timeless Designs

You can choose from a wide variety of vases in mind-blowing shapes. While the Paanai Vase portrays the Pongal Pots stacked one over another hand painted with traditional sikku kolam, the Pathumai Vase portrays an abstract art of a women.

The Kalmaram vase looks like drift wood, but is made using fibre-reinforced plastic. It is beautifully crafted with minute details and makes an excellent decorative piece. It looks so natural that it will be hard to identify as an artificial one. It will be the focal point in any room and nature lovers would love its finish and colour. You can decorate this unique vase with any flower of your choice and it will look even more beautiful. It can be used as a decorative showpiece too without any flower arrangements and it would still be beautiful and eye catching. You can use it indoors as well as in your outdoor garden.

Greymode’s Kombu vase looks like a curved horn. Portraying the bull horns decorated for pongal festival it is decorated with horn cap and bells.

The Moongil vase is yet another creative vase with a rustic look. It features faux bamboo sticks mounted on a faux clay bowl. An added advantage is that you can decorate this vase in different combinations. It doubles up as an uruli to float flowers, too.

Discounts Galore

Greymode vases make ideal gifts for special occasions and ceremonies like weddings, housewarmings, birthdays etc. They are offering discounts on all the vases. So it’s the right time to shop!

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