Greymode, A Creative Indoor Decorative Fountain Manufacturer in India

June 21, 2016

Creative indoor decorative fountains are quite popular these days as they blend well with traditional as well as modern décor. They are a great addition to your home or office, and calm your body and mind.

If you have a stressful job or can’t feel comfortable in your own living space, then an indoor decorative fountain from Greymode will be a good buy for your office or home.

Paanai Fountain

Greymode fountains are work of art

Greymode manufacturers handcrafted Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) creative indoor decorative fountains for homes and business establishments. Creative indoor decorative foundations from Greymode are different from the plain-looking water foundations that you find in the market. Greymode fountains are work of art. These fountains are exclusively handcrafted by expert craftsmen and they sport a rustic look. They make a peaceful, subtle sound, and are perfect if you want to add a unique earthy touch to your room.

Greymode creative indoor decorative fountains are a true blend of innovation and tradition. Since they are made using FRP, they are more sustainable, durable and cost-effective. They are not just a decorative item, but are functional, and can last a lifetime without any extra care. They are light weight and hence portable as well.

Greymode fountains look like they are made of materials such as clay, stone or wood. The quality is such that it is hard to distinguish that they are made of fiberglass.

They come in a range of attractive shapes and colours. You can even get them customized according to your wish.

Creativity at its best

Currently, Greymode is offering indoor fountains in five unique designs.

The Paanai Fountain has traditional style faux earthen clay pots arranged in a beautiful way.

Moongil Fountain has faux bamboos and granite like bowl arranged in a rustic fashion with leaf and frog highlights.

Yaazh fountain is a floor mount water fountain designed to look like the ancient Tamil music instrument Yaazh (harp). The strings are replaced by beautiful water lines.

The Elai Fountain is an attractive home and garden fountain with a design featuring a plant with attractive pale yellow leaves placed in a glossy black plant pot. The water flows through the leaves arranged in a cascading fashion and the sound provides a calm soothing effect.

Panamara fountain is a floor mount quirky water fountain with a detachable base plate, where you can place a custom showpiece.  

All these fountains can be easily installed without any tools and come with submersible pump.

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