Fun and Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas

December 29, 2017

While decorating bedroom for a teenager you need to see their perspective and for that you need to understand what they love. Unlike an adult a teenager’s view of a bedroom is quite different. It’s their haunt away from the world of rules and demands and is more than a place to sleep.

Fun and cool teen bedroom ideas

 A bedroom is an expression of who they are. Teens today are up to date on the latest trends and they are design-conscious. Even if they are not ready to part with some of their favourite toys they will look for a sophisticated bedroom which is very different from their childhood room.

For a teen their bedroom is like a mini apartment where they can hang out with friends, get homework done, do whatever fun things they like, and sleep.

Teen bedrooms should not only look great but also should be functional. Teens like high energy, vibrant rooms unlike adults who look for an understated, calm bedroom.

Here are a few teen bedroom ideas:

A Multi-Purpose Room

As we already discussed, a team bedroom is not just a room to sleep. It is a multi-purpose room where they can hang out with friends, study, and sleep. While decorating a teen bedroom, look for posters of themselves with their friends. They would love that. Other spaces that are essential are: a study area, a sleep area, and a place to lounge with friends.


Use creative approaches if small space is an issue to meet their multi-purpose demands.  

A small surface for writing above their study desk will be well appreciated. Below the table surface can be used for storage.

If the space is small for a versatile lounge, use a little bench next to the bed’s footboard. In the corner of a lounge area add a rug and a few throw pillows. 

Hit the Wall with Bold Design

Teens love vibrant rooms. To make the space look colourful work on the wall. You can use removable wall decals, a graffiti, bright colours, favourite words in neon, etc.

Teens love creative things and they want their bedroom to reflect their personality. So look for imaginative, bold elements. A hanging bed, a hanging chair, a wall mounted fish tank, etc will be appreciated by teens. Another thing they would love to have in their bedroom is a chalkboard wall where they can scribble whatever they like.

Fabrics and textures

Teens feel safe and comfortable in their bedrooms. So add some warm elements in a room using textures and feel-good fabrics. This feeling of warmth can be easily achieved by using hanging curtains to divide the space, a faux fur rug, plush bedding, and pillows of various colours and textures.

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