Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

February 26, 2018

Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

Having a yard in front of the house is definitely something we should appreciate and take advantage of. The front yard is a kind of a magical garden through which guests must pass before entering your house, and it’s an incredible opportunity to decorate it according to your wishes and make a good first impression.

Front Yard

A Few Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

Integrate Your Plants

In the flower garden herbs and vegetables should also have a pride of place. To edge borders and beds you can use herbs. Mint is a great choice as its smell drifts on the breeze when visitors brush against it, and you can use it in your kitchen as well.

Play Up Texture

Color and foliage texture are very important to bring out the beauty of a flower garden. You can also use different types of stones to add to the beauty.

Put Trees and Shrubs in Pots

Container gardens need not necessarily be seasonal. To make a bold impact you can use shrubs and trees.  

Plan for a Grand Entrance

Plant tall trees at the entrance and make a big statement. They will make the entire landscape more welcoming.

Leave a Spot to Enjoy Your Garden

Gardens are magical places where you can relax and unwind. So while planting trees and plants reserve some areas for seating which can be surrounded by pretty vignettes and little escapes. A chair and a decorative table will add to the beauty whether they are used or not.

Grow sweet-smelling Herbs

Plant herbs in containers and window boxes. They can be placed on the window sill or near the kitchen window so that you can pluck them and use it in your soups and salads. They are a feast to your eyes and taste buds.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

If there is enough space in your garden carve out a pond and fill it with fishes. Soon toads and birds will start frequenting your garden and it would be a sight to behold. But ensure that the pond and the plants complement each other. They should look natural and merge well with the landscape.

Don't Forget Containers

You can plant not just one but several plants in one container. Mix bright and subtle textures and they will look ethereal.

Create Height

By adding high points you can give your landscape a lift. The idea is to lift the eye up off the ground. Concrete columns are the best way to create this look as they have an element of mystery and surprise. They look antique as well and would add a romantic vibe to the entire space.

 Incorporate Curves

Curves will add to the charm of your garden.  They can even make your garden look mysterious, of course in a good way. You don't need a lot of space to achieve that.

Keep it Simple

There is elegance in simplicity. By putting a single magnificent plant in a spectacular pot you can easily create a sensation.

Add flowers to your fence

You can make your fence inspiringly beautiful by planting plants with flowers. Make sure to choose plants that bloom all year round.

Soften Edges

To conceal and soften unsightly or hard edges of borders and beds use graceful arching grasses. Any cascading plant will do the trick.

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