Birdfeeder Ideas for this Summer

April 17, 2017

To enjoy wildlife at its best birdfeeders provide a great opportunity. Advantageously placed feeders will let you view those pretty birds in your backyard.


Birdfeeder ideas for this summer


There are many types of birdfeeders available in the market. You can also make them all by yourself. You can gift them to your friends or hang them on your own porch.

For getting those birds to your property this summer here are a few birdfeeder ideas.

Plate and Bowl Birdfeeder

With a saucer and bowl you can make a beautiful birdfeeder. In the saucer drill a hole and attach the two together. If you have a driller it is not a very difficult task. The saucer will act like an umbrella and protects birds from sun, rain and other weather elements. It will look beautiful.

Tea Cup Birdfeeder

This will look even more beautiful and adorable. Instead of a bowl use a teacup. By gluing the teacup to the saucer sideways you can create a very unique feeder. Make sure that the glue won’t come off easily. When you fill it with the bird food it will give an impression that it is spilling out of the cup. You can hang it with a string or ribbon in your porch or backyard.  

Wine Bottle Birdfeeders

You can make beautiful bird feeders from old wine bottles. Use a small saucer to create a base. On the sides of the bottles carefully drill holes to hang (using a wire or rope) as well as to allow the bird food to come through. Through the lid you can fill the bottles.  

Mason jar Feeders

Mason jars make excellent birdfeeders. From any farm supply store you can buy metal chick feeders, which you can attach to your mason jar.

Birdfeeders from Recycled Products

Any unwanted item can be turned into birdfeeders. All you need is the provision to hang it. Any used flower pots can be turned into birdfeeders. It shouldn’t be too deep.

Log Bird Feeder

By carving out part of a small piece of wood you can create a small log. To place the birdfeed, make sure to hollow out enough room. To hang the log in your tree, attach a chain. Since it is on the tree birds are going to love them as they will feel they are being fed in their natural habitat.

Teapot Feeder

An old teapot can be attached to a tree or even the side of your house. It will give a fairytale touch to your entire backyard. It will also make a great nest for the birds. It works really well as a feeder, too. Just see how everyone is going to compliment your creativity on seeing it!

Wooden Spoon Feeder

A couple of wooden spoons and a plastic soda bottle make a great birdfeeder. For the spoons you just have to make holes in the bottle. Make sure to position the spoons such a way that the birdfeed will fall onto them.

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