Apartment Gardening Tips

On an apartment balcony, you won’t find much space to spare. But if you want to have some greenery around there are plenty of planters that will help you save space. The key is to save floor space for furniture and get as many plants up on a raised platform.

To get your apartment garden up and off the floor several types of balcony planters are available. Depending on the railing and size of the balcony you can make your pick.

Planter Boxes

Planter Box

Planter boxes attach right to the deck railing, or chain or wood link fence. Look for a planter box with adequate back bar, for extra support, and sturdy brackets. Otherwise it might get knocked of the railing. To catch drips look for a planter box with a water reservoir tray that is removable. Hanging vines will look lovely in planter boxes.

Self-Watering Planters

Self Watering Plants

For apartment-dwellers who travel frequently self-watering planters are the best. You can stop worrying about your tiny garden when you are away. Your plants will get water for weeks as these planters have built in reservoir.  

For larger plants or tomatoes a self-watering planter that is larger is perfect. It’s a reliable and convenient way to grow vegetables in your apartment even though it might take up some floor space.

Raised Planters

Raised Planters

These are yet another space saving option. You will have room below for storing items because they’re on legs. They will also show off the beauty of your plants as they are easily visible. They’re also quite convenient as you don’t need to bend to water them, and allow you to enjoy the beauty of a garden while seated.

They also make it easy to change out individual plants as many raised planters contain dividers. Choose brightly colored planters if you are looking for a contemporary decor. Raised planters with air pockets are ideal for those concerned about changes in temperature. Air pockets will protect plants from heat or cold.

Deep Apartment Garden Planter

Deep Apartment Garden Planter

These are more or less similar to raised planters. An added advantage is their extra features which will allow you to grow a variety of plants. These planters will allow you to grow deep-rooted vegetables like tomatoes in the center and shallow-rooted vegetables around the outside. It has a v-shape that allows you to grow basic herbs and vegetables.

Apartment Green House

Apartment Green House

You can have your very own greenhouse even if you are living in an apartment. All you need is a considerably big garden table with a protective shade and greenhouse cover that are removable.

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