2019 decor trends

December 04, 2018

2019 decor trends


A pattern to use this year is floral with a traditional look, either straight up or abstracted chintz (printed multicoloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish). Your rooms will look dated if you use the reproduced to death ikats and geometric trellis patterns.


Black can create a sense of drama like nothing else. In 2019 you will see a lot of high contrast and bold designs as interiors and homewares will be in matt black. If you are planning to introduce this trendy new color opt for sideboards, home décor objects, seating and lighting in this color. This trend is going to stay for a long time to come.

Matt black interior


In 2019, natural and sustainable fabrics are going to hit the mainstream across homes. Look for it in tapestries, cushions, throws and upholstered furniture.


In the interiors world minimalism will continue to blaze and this will create a demand for openness and clean lines across the whole house. The upper cabinet will be no longer in vogue in the kitchen. The idea is to have less storage and to have a kitchen that is future-proof which will have an armoire. Another kitchen trend is to have cabinetry and appliances in bold colours.


In 2018 bar carts have been popular, and in 2019 they’re still going to be hot. What is there not to love about bar carts? They are totally glamorous. A bar cart lets you take the elegance if you like mixing the odd cocktail and entertaining. And it is versatile as you can take it anywhere in the house. To store exotic bottles, treasured glassware, and create themed vignettes it’s the perfect place.


In 2019 this metallic hue is predicted to come up in a major way. High-end appliances and raw natural finishes will be seen paired with bright golds, black gold, and gold patinas.


Indoor plants will never ever go out of style. Plants with patterned leaves, ferns, snake plants and the Chinese Money plant will be a big hit. If you think a fresh plant is high maintenance you can opt for a high-quality artificial plant. There is no gardening skill required and all you need is occasional dusting.


When you are about to update or decorate a space, trends will act as a guide and inspire you. But whatever the current trend is it is always good to decorate your space with the things that remind you of good times or that are valuable to you, or makes you happy. To enjoy the space you create don’t forget to add your personal touch!

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