Wall art is not given much prominence in interior design. It is often treated as an afterthought. It gets dealt with at the end after colouring the walls and arranging the furniture.

Why Wall Art Matters Most In Interior Design

But in reality you are missing out on an amazing design opportunity by relegating wall art to the sidelines. In fact, wall art matters the most in interior design. If you are not sure how to use wall art in your design plans, here are a few tips.

An Instant Colour Palette

One of the most intimidating facets of designing your interiors is choosing a colour palette. To choose the best colour that will fit your vision for the space can be difficult.

Why don’t you focus on the wall art instead of the paint? You can zero in on the colour palette after finding a wall hanging or panting.

You can take two or three shades from your wall art. If any of the colours match the items you are going to use to decorate your space then stick to that.  

Creating a Focal Point

Any room needs a focal point and that is one of the most basic principles of interior design. A painting could easily fulfil this position. You can hang it above your bed or above your sofa or above the mantle of a fireplace. A more traditional dining area can easily be spiced up using a creative gallery wall.

Choose the size of the artwork accordingly. It should not be too small or too big. If it is too small it may go unnoticed and if it is too big it may look as though it is spilling over. According to the measurement of your room pick your wall art.

A Play of Texture

You will find innumerable varieties of wall art. To bring different textures into the space find art in a variety of different mediums.

You can consider shadow boxes, sculptures, digital art and even screens apart from prints and paintings. A space will look more intimate and grounded if you use rough textures. For a sleek appeal use smooth textures.

It Makes the Room Appear Finished

White walls give an unfinished feeling. To make a space feel complete use wall art. Your interiors will look straight out of an interior design magazine with a little extra touch. But remember to choose a wall hanging or piece of art that will blend in with the decorating style.

When it comes to interior design wall art is not the last piece of puzzle. Consider it as the most important element. Plan the rest of the room around it and your rooms will look as if they are professionally put together.