As one of the personal spaces within a home, bedroom needs to strike a balance between being both tranquil and chic. A bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day. Therefore it is very essential to have a pleasantly decorated bedroom for your comfort and healthy sleeping. Being a busy person, all you need is a bedroom that will help you relax and reduce stress of the day.


  • Good sleeper tends to eat fewer calories
  • Good sleep can maximize problem- solving skills and enhance memory. Poor sleep has shown to impair brain
  • Sleeping less than 7 hours per night is linked to an increased rate of heart disease and
  • Poor sleeping patterns are strongly linked to depression, anxiety, hyper tension
  • Sleep improves your immune
  • Sleep affect emotions and social



You spend one third of your whole life sleeping, so the room where you should sleep should therefore be haven of tranquility is the bedroom which will optimize a good night’s sleep. Getting our required amount of sleep is the key to looking, feeling, and performing our best. By waking up in a relaxing clean environment, with a comfy mattress and a clear and optimized space, you can increase your quantity and quality of your sleep. As for bedroom paint colors, color schemes can have a drastic effect on your sleep; try soothing colors like muted blues, green and pastels. Studies shows that blue can be the best color for inducing sleep hormones. Hence bedroom color must be carefully picked out. 




Your bedroom’s atmosphere and ambiance have a direct influence on your mood. Heavy curtains are the best way to give a rich and authentic touch to your bedroom. Dark colored curtains lend a sense of drama, contrast and elegance to a room and when used right can be very inviting. If you live in a colder environment definitely pick out a bedroom rugs because they add a cozy feel to the room. White lace curtains on a dark wall can be very romantic choice. Sheer screens, embroidery and pearl accents can round out dramatic look. We are all aware of the fact that candles are always going to a classic romantic addition to the bedroom. But you can easily add a sprinkle of enchantment to the ambiance by adding a an aesthetically pleasing candle holder. You can pick out bedroom lamps to place by the bedside so that it will be an easy access to light if be needed. It is always attention to details that brings perfection to an already good decor.

Adding a bedspread can inject a strong color element to the focal point of the room. Cushions are still an essential for a super stylish bed. Mixing cushions in different color and shapes can be very appealing. Bed sheets, quilt and pillow case should of a good quality material. Silk, cotton and satin are the most preferred ones.

Minimalism should be the tagline for bedrooms. If you are going for this style of decor we definitely  recommend white bedroom sets. They are so minimalist and chic at the same time.   Too much mess and clutter in your room can cause sleep deprivation. Bedrooms should not be crowded, there should a very few furniture in your room may be a leather sofa or a chair. But that doesn't mean that you cant splurge on you bedroom vanity.  You can add some bedroom wall decor is you are feeling adventurous. 

Keep it cool. A cooler bedroom slows down your metabolism, helping you to experience a deeper sleep. Ac, thermostat and humidifiers are the best aids for this purpose.

Consider a dimmer switch. Dimmer lights give your eyes and your mind easiness to and time to adjust light before settling down to sleep.



Sensory levels should be kept in mind while decorating a bedroom especially SMELLS and SOUNDS. Waking up to the gush of water is not only a dreamy entrance to new day but aspired one for the many of us. Even though not all of us have the luxury of walking up near a river or a sultry falls a simple way to solve this would be adding a small bedside fountain. Essential oil diffuses of calming aroma especially fragrances like lavender, citrus, spicy aroma candles can be tranquil and refreshing. When your setting up the bedroom lights make sure they are soft and not harsh lights as it will be difficult to adjust to ones you wake up a switch them on.  


Believe it or not having your own space that is organized and personalized to your tastes can make a dramatic difference to what you think and feel. Adding calming decors pieces to your liking is of at most importance to make your bedroom feel like your territory. Irrespective of what religion we are, we can all agree that there is something about a Buddha inspired decor piece that brings about a sudden sense of tranquility. With respect to bedroom decor ideas a budhha inspired decor will fit perfectly to provide you the necessary space to sleep peacefully. 





All these addition will not only prove to be a valuable but they would prove themselves to be a good investment to your sleep and overall health. The overall bedroom design plays an important role in giving you an holistic sleep experience.