It’s hard to find the space to organize blankets, bed sheets, towels and other linen as they take up a lot of room. Even if you have an extra closet organizing these linens becomes a tough task. Here are some ideas and inspiration to store your linens.

Baskets Full

Store your wash clothes, towels and extra shower curtains in baskets if you have cabinets or shelves in the guest bathroom. They won’t get dirty easily as they are not out in the open. But they will be stylishly organized and easily accessible.

Concert a Closet

If you have an extra closet use it to store your linens. It makes for an easy way to organize everything!

Vintage Pieces

Vintage Pieces

To store things like cloth napkins and aprons use cabinets, vintage boxes, and even jewellery boxes. When the time comes you’ll know exactly where to find them and they will look stylish as well.

Some Side Shelves

Side Shelves in bathroom

On your cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen create some side shelving and use them to store linens. That way you will be able to access them easily when the need arises.

In The Armoire

Vintage Armoire

A vintage armoire to store your linens is a great option. You can keep it in your bedroom or even kitchen.

Label Things

If your linens are tucked away and hidden in boxes, it is better to label them. When it is time to change your bed linen you will know what is what.

Hang Them

There is no need to fold all the linens. In a nook or closet you can hang aprons, napkins, and pressed tablecloths!

Each Room

Get creative if you don’t have a linen closet or a giant armoire. Instead, store the linens for each room, in each room! The sheets in the closet of each room they’re used, kitchen towels under the sink, etc.

Hidden Away

You can store your linens in hidden suitcases, too!  

Tucked Under

Another great idea is to store your extra sheets in between the mattress and box spring! When it is time to change the bed just grab and go.