How many of you would like to lead a stress-free, healthy, productive, creative and focused life? The answer, we hope, will be a resounding ‘yes’.  When health investments are on the rise globally, there is something which you can do to achieve loads of health goodies with whatever little investment you make: houseplants. There are tons of health benefits when you grow indoor plants; the numerous research and studies conducted worldwide only point towards the benefits of growing plants in planter pots at your home. Also learn how to decorate your home with planters

Be happier:
Studies point that growing interior plants make us a happier lot. The Journal of Environmental Psychology indicates that flowering plants especially can bring down stress levels considerably. A study by the University of Texas also shows that spending more time with your loved ones around plants can actually help you become more empathetic, conscious and caring towards others.

Increased concentration:
The Royal College of Agriculture, based in England, in a study, proved a phenomenal 70% increase in concentration levels and attention span of students in a classroom that had indoor plants versus one which had none.  That’s quite a figure. There also seemed to be a higher attendance rate in classrooms that had plants compared to those which didn’t have any.  This result was also backed by a study conducted in the American Horticultural Therapy Association – a marked improvement in concentration levels was observed in classrooms with houseplants mostly with certain leaf colours and patterns.

Increased health pattern:
Households and work spaces growing indoor plants are found to raise oxygen levels, reduce indoor toxin levels and increase humidity levels. Remember indoor toxins can raise the risk of occurrence of Stroke, Ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and child respiratory infections; in fact, they throw out up to 87% of toxins every single day, as studies by NASA prove. The Washington State University also corroborates the fact that interior plants reduce the amount of dust particles suspended in the air by at least 20%!

Therefore, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that indoor plants not only remove toxins but also raise the oxygen supply levels (which will help you sleep well and remove headaches), besides increased indoor humidity levels, particularly in the winter. Using decorative planters will make it look lot more attractive.

A study by the Agricultural University of Norway indicates that when humidity levels go up during the winters, it can help reduce colds, sore throats, dry skin and dry coughs along with other complaints. It also found that offices with indoor plants offered better working conditions bringing down the sickness rates by as much as 60%! Now that’s a lot healthier and productive workforce. 

The health benefits of having indoor plants far outweigh the investment. The trick is to go for plants that demand low maintenance cost and those which grow in the dark. Why don’t you bring home an indoor plant today for a healthier and happier tomorrow?

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