We often restrict mirrors to the bathrooms and bedrooms. But they are far more adaptable than we think. In fact, you can never have too many of them! Here are some ideas to use mirrors creatively to make your space look larger.


  1. Place Them Together: Many of us don’t have the budget for larger mirrors as they are really expensive. If you check thrift stores or discount stores you will find small mirrors easily and with affordable price tags. Group them on the wall in the same place and paint their frames all the same colour. Without feeling cluttered they will look organized.
  2. Behind The Stove: Mirrors might get dirty easily but it is also easy to clean them up. A rather dark area in your kitchen is behind your stovetop. By using a mirror behind the stove any available light will get bounced. It will make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to cook.
  3. Turn Them On Their Side: If you have long skinny mirrors this trick will work. It will also make a wall look longer.
  1. Cabinet Fronts: The kitchen is the ideal place for this DIY project although you can use this trick in other places in the home. To reflect the world around you mirrored tiles can be attached to the cabinet fronts. This will work wonders in small spaces!
  2. Next To Your Dining Room Table: This is a wonderful place to hang a huge mirror. This is something that you will notice in several restaurants as it will keep the area bright even if you are using softer lighting.
  3. Floor Length: To make a room look taller use floor length mirrors. It will also make any space feel brighter and lighter and will draw the eye up. You can also place them out on their own or behind a grouping of furniture.
  4. Layer Them Up: To create a more open, larger-feeling space make an entire wall mirrored. The smaller ones should be placed on top. This will add more depth to space.
  5. Fake A Window: If you have a window-less room try using square mirrors that are small to create the illusion of a window. This will make small or cramped spaces look large and inviting.
  6. Beautiful Backsplashes: You can use mirrors in different ways in the kitchen. For a little reflection, the backsplash is the perfect place. This will allow you to do away with under counter lighting. The kitchen will be filled with natural light.
  7. Fake Mirrored Furniture: By simply using a mirrored tile and glass cutter you can fake expensive designer pieces. The results can be quite amazing even though it is a labour-intensive option.