14 Ways to Transform a Small Patio into a Relaxing Retreat

June 27, 2019

14 Ways to Transform a Small Patio into a Relaxing Retreat

Even the smallest patio can become a private and inviting escape with the right accessories and furniture. Here are a few ideas to revamp your underused patio into the perfect oasis for entertaining and lounging.

  1. Create Layers of Comfort

To make even the smallest space feel like an inviting retreat dress your patio from top to bottom. Using string lights, greenery, throw pillows, and outdoor rugs add lushness to your patio.

  1. Hang Curtains

It’s easy and inexpensive to create a temporary wall. For renters hanging curtains is perfect. It will add privacy and softens a patio.

  1. Make a Statement with Lighting

After the sunset good lighting will not only help you enjoy your patio but also draw your eye vertically. To make a statement pendant lights are perfect. To the conversation area it will add a beautiful glow. Use light bulbs and outdoor cords.

  1. Provide Extra Seating

To add extra seating and some colour without taking up a lot of room use a pouf and floor pillows. When guests come over you can pull them out and later store easily.

  1. Include a Place to Lounge

To start or end your day an underused patio is the perfect place. But you need the right seating. To create a comfy place to relax use a lounge chair, hammock or daybed.

  1. Choose Multi-functional Furniture

For smaller spaces furniture that can pull double duty is perfect. For instance, jute pouf is a great option as it can provide extra seating and can be used as a side table when necessary.

  1. Bring in Greenery

Greenery adds vibrancy to any outdoor space. With a variety of potted plants bring texture and colour to your patio.

  1. Think Vertically

To display plants in a small space going vertical is a smart way. As the plant grows it can add privacy too.

  1. Design a Cozy Dining Nook

Even if you have space constraints it is possible to add an alfresco dine. The perfect solution is bistro tables. They can be folded and tucked away easily after use.

  1. Play Some Tunes

Music can set the right tone for any gathering. Music will drown out noisy neighbors and distractions when you’re hosting friends or simply relaxing alone. Opt for a Bluetooth speaker as it won’t take up much space.

  1. Add Pops of Color

To keep things interesting add a splash of color. But remember it should not overpower the natural beauty of your surroundings. The best option will be shades of greens and blues.

  1. Boost Privacy

To make your patio feel like a secluded oasis create a sense of enclosure in your outdoor room. To block nosy neighbors or a bad view use a privacy screen.

  1. Wheel Out a Bar Cart

A bar cart can come in handy if you don’t have room for an outdoor kitchen. It helps you keep your appetizers and drinks within arm’s reach as it can be rolled out from outside to indoors.

  1. Consider Rattan

Rattan never goes out of vogue. To add texture to any place use rattan furniture.

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