Ways to Dress up Your Bath on a Budget

July 04, 2018

Ways to Dress up Your Bath on a Budget

It is indeed a challenge to design a luxe-looking washroom if you are on a tight budget. However, that is not impossible if you follow our tips. Read on to see how selective use of high-end finishes, secondhand furniture, and bargain-bin tile will help you create a spa-like space without spending a lot.

luxe-looking washroom

A place for two

Vintage washstand: For a new dresser-style model you will have to spend a lot. Using a tiled-back washstand set between matching pedestal sinks you can create his-and-hers vanity on a budget.

Save by not building in

Wall-Hung Mirrors: Wall-busting construction like lower-level medicine cabinets will cost you a lot. Instead, use flush-mount mirrors that are easy to hang.

Use Expensive Materials in Most Visible Places

Tile-Top Wainscot: Sparingly use expensive materials. To enhance inexpensive wood beadboard add a dramatic ceramic tile border and create a visual impact.

Build on a Furnished Foundation

Sideboard vanity: Instead of a run-of-the-mill medicine chest, which can be an eyesore, use a mirror and cover the sink cabinet below using a sideboard. To give it a built-in look, paint it the same colour as the walls.

Natural Accents

Natural stone counter: Instead of polished granite use a soapstone top. It will look warmer with its matte look and river rock colour.

Go for Bright and Airy

Room divider: Without blocking natural light create a visual partition using framed frosted panels linked by steel cables.

Towel cubby

Do not waste the space that occupies a plumbing access door. Line it with wood panels and cover it using a removable back panel. Space can be used to store extra towels.  

Design a Rustic Retreat

Weathered shelving: To store bathing essentials bring in a wall-mounted antique wooden shelf and fix it above the tub. This way you can turn an empty space into a utility area that is attractive.

Create Handcrafted Character

Simple skirted sink: To hide an exposed plumbing use curtains.

Try a Vertical Backsplash

Low-cost tile tricks wall runner: To create a distinctive vertical backsplash mix small quantities of hexagonal mosaics in different patterns and save on custom tiles.

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