Classic accent furniture can add a zing to your living room, dining room, bedroom and even patio. Though they are mostly used for holding lamps, decor items and the occasional beverage, accent tables often end up playing several different roles. You can use them as a desk, a dining spot or extra stacking space. Veenai Table, a classic accent furniture depicting ancient Tamil music instrument veenai, from Greymode is one such unique table that is versatile and can be used for multi-purposes.


Veenai Table


What makes it different from other accent tables is that Veenai table can be doubled up as a seat. Since they are handcrafted and made using durable fibreglass they are quite sturdy and low-maintenance. They will bring function and style to your living space, patio or garden. They are also lightweight, water resistant, easy to clean, and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

These tables are large and impressive and can be used to style your entrance or can be placed in your living room as an end table or a coffee table. They are just right if you want to give your living room or any room a more traditional feel.

The traditional-styled Veenai table is one of a kind. It has interesting ornamental details, and intricate and delicate carvings painted in gold, which give it a royal and majestic look.

An accent table made of glass might be dangerous for children and also attract fingerprints, while tables in darker colours easily show accumulating dust. The Veenai table has a good balance between style and function that works for your needs. Its colour and material make it easy to maintain.

An added advantage of this classic accent table is that it comes with a storage option. The top slab can be opened to store household articles, but from the outside nobody would guess you have stacked all kinds of things inside.

Veenai table would be the focal point in any room and will be surely a conversation starter. They will evoke awe and curiosity in your guests for sure. And you will get complements for your fine taste in furniture.