Nothing creates a more relaxed atmosphere than the fountains in the garden. You can transform an outdoor space as well as indoor space using water features. Their possibilities are endless. The tranquil sounds of water flowing from a water fountain are very relaxing. It is also beautiful to look at and has reflective qualities. To enhance the appeal of a water garden all you have to do is add foliage, fish and flowers.  

Water features can be designed to fit any landscape. Some of the water features that you can add to your outdoors or indoors are fountains in traditional or modern designs, small ponds, flowing creeks, waterfalls, water gardens... to list a few.


Relaxing Water Features - Kamalam Fountain


Attracts birds

You can provide a natural environment for birds by adding a water fountain. Any water feature will attract wildlife. To see your winged friends roaming around your garden will be a lovely and relaxing sight. They will enhance the appeal of your space and make it more enjoyable.

The Sounds

As mentioned before, the sound of water flowing is indeed serene and a great stress buster. This is the reason why you see water fountains at the reception area of a hospital and even business establishments. Now, they are increasingly being used in houses as well.

The Visual

The water feature creates a beautiful visual and can be used as decorative accents. The rays of the sun falling on water create a breathtaking view. You can create a focal point and bring alive a dull space by installing a water fountain.

The Feeling

Water features can add an outdoor feel to any space. After a long day, you can unwind by sitting in your indoor living space with a water feature. Fountains that are available in the market are easy to install and maintain. They come with adjustable pumps to regulate the flow to your liking, and create a customized relaxing environment.

Pets also love fountains. If the water is free of chemicals, it is safe for them to drink.

Added appeal

To complete a home water feature you can add native plants and stone, near them. This will give an organic and natural feel to it. According to the space, you can determine the size and design of a water fountain. The type of stone and its colour should also appear natural. Use native plants that will thrive near a fountain.  

Water features can enhance any indoor or outdoor living space. And the best part is you don’t need a landscaping designer to add a water feature in your home or office. You will find endless variety of fountains that you can buy and place wherever you like.