If you love greenery but don’t have too much time to care for your plants, then you must choose plants accordingly. You can give your home a lush green look without a dozen plants if you place them thoughtfully and diversify your plant picks (some in large pots set on the floor and others hanging up near the ceiling). To give the impression that your house is filled with greenery here are five types of plants designers use. Turn your own home into an indoor oasis by following these ideas.

Tiny Cheer-Me-Ups (for bedside tables and bathrooms)

Those tiny plants that brighten up bedside tables, bathroom ledges and side tables in living rooms are the first type of house plant every home needs. In this situation low-maintenance, small plants like succulents are the best. Place several potted succulents at every nook and cranny of your home.

A Large Potted Plant

A large potted plant placed on the floor will add dimension and interest in every home. If you place one small plant in a large room it may look odd. For a touch of drama, you can have one large plant in a room. For the ultra-modern kitchen place a basket planter on the side to soften the look. 

A Faux Plant that looks almost real

There will be corners in your house that receive zero sunlight. One such space is the laundry room. A real plant will wither away if placed in such a space. Otherwise, you will have to periodically move it to the window. Another option is to opt for a faux plant. It will thrive without water or light yet it will give a cool look to space.

Trailing Plants (for window sills and shelves)

Plants set on tables and counter tops are great but invest in trailing plants to add more visual interest. You can place them in a hanging basket or on shelves. A dangling succulent looks at home on the shelf above the desk. Trailing plants look good in the kitchen as well as near the window. You can opt for spider plants, a string of pearls, pothos, and ivy.

A Large Plant in an Elevated Stand

By setting a plant on an elevated shelf you can draw more attention to it. You can opt for a tall metal plant stand in a kid’s bedroom. The playful space will look more sophisticated. You can place them in small balconies, too.