Tricks All Designers Use to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

January 16, 2019

Tricks All Designers Use to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Achieving a luxury look at home is less expensive and easier than you think. There is no need to redecorate completely. It is possible to upgrade your bedroom with a few expert tweaks.

Layer Pillows

If you want to upgrade your bedroom with just one tweak it is with the pillows. Make pillows the focal point of your room. Top your bed with a handful of accent pillows. Keep the ones that you sleep on propped against the bedhead and then layer it with decorative pillows according to their height.

Match the colour of the pillows with the overall colour scheme of the space. Just make sure that the pillows take up a quarter of the length of the total bed and not more than that.

Upgrade lampshades

By replacing lampshades you can give your bedroom a fresh lux look. What makes or breaks a lamp is the shade and upgrading it can have a big impact. Choose a cool fabric or colour. And opt for a taller shade.

Style Clutter

It is difficult to keep a bedroom mess-free. The good news is the design trend of the moment is organized clutter. You need to know what is bad clutter and good clutter. A few artworks resting up against the wall or a stack of magazines and books are good clutter. Unmanaged cords, dirty clothes on the floor and unopened mail are bad clutter.

You can style the nightstand or bookcase with a good mess. And tuck the rest in hidden storage.

Redistribute Artwork

Bring artwork to the bedroom. What most people do is decorate the living and dining room with beautiful artworks. And the bedroom will sport an empty look. For the maximum impact hang a statement piece over the bedhead.

Style the nightstand

When it comes to the nightstand it is always less is more.  Do not overload nightstands with unnecessary objects. It can become clutter if there are too many accessories.

To elevate the space display a few key items that match the colour scheme. You can keep an alarm clock, a potted plant and a table lamp. You can also style it with a few books.

Replace Drapes

The bedroom will look cheap if you opt for expandable rods and ready-made window draperies. Opt for drapery rods that fit your windows perfectly. A roller blackout shade is a stylish option. This will allow you to keep the drapery panels styled and stationary.

Create a multipurpose space

By tweaking your furniture you can make your sleep haven a multipurpose space. You can place a chair with a fun throw pillow. Make sure the upholstery is matching with the rest of the room décor. If you have a statement chair in the living room that is rarely used try to shift it to the bedroom. Place a small, round table next to the chair and your reading nook is ready.

Dress the bed

A perfectly made bed is a common feature in all luxury hotels. You can upgrade your bed by dressing it up with two sheets instead of one. For a polished look fold the edge of the top one over the duvet. There is no need to stick to all white sheets. Taupe and gray will look equally classy, and they are easier to maintain as well.

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