Decorating your home is mainly about your individual tastes. But every now and then you may desire to incorporate some elements and look for inspiration. Here are some fresh ideas that are flooding the market.

Decorating house

  1. House plants

House plants never went out of vogue. But this year oxygen-producing greenery has gained a lot more popularity. What is different this year is the focus on interesting foliage instead of succulents. Think delicate ferns, mother-in-law’s tongue, and delicious monsters.

  1. Purple

Moving away from the standard white and ivory, ultraviolet has been chosen as the colour of the year. It is indeed slowly replacing millennial pink. The special focus is on lavender as well as different shades of purple. 

  1. Jewel tones

Pastels have had its day. Deep jewel tones are the new craze. Statement walls are out, but for some drama decorate an entire room in a jewel shade. You can also incorporate jewel tones in smaller elements or furniture.  

  1. Warm earthy tones

Try warm earthy tones if you like neutrals more. Gone are the days of beige and grey. Opt for rusty reds, sand and ivory.

  1. Maximalism

2018 is the year to go full-on maximalism. But be careful not to overdo it. Curate collections rather than piling too many things.  

  1. Brass and mixed metallics

Rose gold was big in 2017. This year brass is making inroads to interiors like never before. To be specific, look out for unpolished brass. It can be a mirror, accent table, or even faucet taps. You can also combine different metals so there is no need to through away all the things in rose gold. Instead, mix them with brass elements.

  1. Handmade objects
Wood, stone and clay artefacts are in vogue this year. There is a shift from mass-produced objects. The craze is for homemade items. It can be woven baskets or hand moulded ceramics. That way you can support artisans as well as make your home look unique.