Top Tips on Choosing a Dining Table

August 29, 2018

Top Tips on Choosing a Dining Table

A strong and sturdy dining table won’t come cheap. Since it is almost a one-time investment there is no room for errors. Here are a few tips while choosing a dining table and how to go about it.


If you want a dining table to last through years of wear and tear choose something that is made of wood like teak, walnut or oak which are hardwood. Composite and engineered woods such as MDF and ply are strong and durable but may not last very long.

Wooden Dining Table


Glass will suit traditional and contemporary décor as it is understated yet modern. It will last long since it is tougher. Another advantage is that it will brighten up space as it is reflective. Tempered glasses that are available today can even resist knocks, scratches, and heat. They are also available in many finishes, textures, colors, and designs. It is possible to choose chrome or wood chairs to go with glass tables.

Dining Table in Glass


Marble is a great investment even though it can be expensive. The look of the entire space can be elevated if you use quality marble tables. They are timeless and beautiful. But it can crack and stain easily and if you move frequently it will become difficult to transport because of its bulkiness. Maintenance of the marble table is not very easy as it needs special care. Much of the damage of marble over time can be avoided by placing mats and tablecloth.

Dining Table in Marble


For a rustic look dining table in weathered wood is the best. There is no need to worry much about stains or damage since all of the flaws become intrinsic designs. By polishing twice a year hardwood can be protected.

Weathered Wood Dining Table


Before making the purchasing decision it is important to always consider how often the table will be moved around. When changing homes bulky rectangular/square tables that are heavy can be difficult to move around. For people who move frequently, roundtables are the best. Fiberglass and plastic are a better option and they are available in beautiful finishes and designs.


Whenever and wherever required plywood can be assembled and packed as it is lighter and durable, unlike metal and wood. If you are looking for an easily movable and sturdy option such a modular table is the best. You will find many new designs in modular dining tables. For short stays and in rented apartments they are also easier to use.

Modular Dining Table


The shape of dining tables is an important consideration, especially for those living in small homes and apartments. In square dining areas and compact rooms, round tables look good as they fit perfectly. They can be mixed and matched with any kind of chairs. They can accommodate more people as well. Because of the uncomfortable leg placement, rectangular tables provide limited seating.


The new craze is for oblong, crescent and oval tables. They may look as if they need only less space but they look best in longer rooms. Though they may look small they can seat more people.


For a unique look, people are now choosing dining tables in trendy colors. Though they are trending now it may go out of fashion soon. Hence it is best to stick to classic colors like yellow, white, brown etc. As these colors will merge easily with the rest of the room and won’t look out of place. But if you are in a mood to experiment go for red. For Asian themed décor red is a popular color. But to avoid a contrasting clash remember to surround the rest of the room with subtler colors.


For tables that are expected to undergo wear and tear black is the best and it looks elegant and sophisticated as well. Black will go with all kinds of interiors as well.

Black Dining Table

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