Ready to give your home a fresh spin? Start with some of these hot decorating trends.

Top decorating trends for home and apartments

Navy Blue

Designers are moving away from black and are now using Navy blue, which is a more dramatic hue. It gives a beachy vibe when paired with pops of red, white or yellow.

Indoor vines

People are smitten with wallpapers, especially those depicting indoor climbing plants.

Ceramic craze

The craze for organic, earthy ceramics is at an all-time high. It is not just ceramic bakeware and serving pieces but even garden stools!

Faux marble

Marble motif is the real deal when it comes to a trend with staying power. Instead of the real thing faux marble wallpapers are in vogue now. The top picks for powder rooms, accent walls, and more are faux marble wallpapers in soft, subdued design. It’s a smart way to use the attractive texture without the price tag.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse staples such as farmhouse cabinets and sinks, weathered antiques, and cozy quilts are hot topics. Bring the farm home if you cannot go to the farm.


Designers are opting for copper for hardware, side tables, light fixtures, range hoods, as well as exterior accents such as gutters and weather vanes. For a timeless appeal mix up the materials around you.

Acrylic Details

Acrylic accessories and accents are a clear favourite whether it’s a handsome floating frame or a smart set of barstools for adding a polished finish to a space.

Modern side tables

Bedside tables have undergone a transformation. Clean-lined and sleek side tables that also double up as storage are the current craze and not the bulky nightstands that take up too much floor space.

Balcony Gardens

Across the globe compact container gardens are taking root on balconies.

Wood tile

From flooring to fireplaces the eco-friendly wood tiles are the current favourite. 

Climbing plants

Any room can be magically transformed using climbing plants. And the best part is some of the varieties are low maintenance as well.

Lucite furniture

Transparent acrylic furniture that will seamlessly blend into any decor has many takers.