Indian handicraft items are a rage in the country as well as in the international markets. If you are one among those who love to beautify your home using handcrafted products, you should be shopping at these home decor sites.

Kaliman Planter

From painting and photography to apparels and accessories World Art Community has handcrafted items sourced directly from the creators. Just browse through the site and you are sure to fall in love. For each piece is a study in creativity. As many as 1,500 bespoke artists from urban and rural areas have exhibited over 30,000 merchandise! They have a range of pottery and ceramics and many more items in mind-blowing designs. Check them out!

Buy ethnic décor online from Engrave. There are several products on display - from textured chai glasses to contemporary bags with traditional art - sourced from Indian artisans and crafts persons. You can browse through the site to get simple home decor ideas with an Indian touch. You can even get furniture and other home decor items custom-made by interacting with the artisans. Engrave will surely inspire you with interior design ideas, Indian style!

Greymode is yet another site to buy ethnic decor online. Their focus is on home decor items like planters, urlis, fountains, tables and stools and birdbaths. They specialise in handcrafted Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products, which are made to look like stone and wood. Their fountains with traditional style faux earthen clay pots will be a perfect addition to your new home or office. Their accent tables and stools are one of a kind. While some are textured with minute details of barks and grains and depict owls living in burrows, another artful design resembles a mushroom.

Among home decor online shopping sites, Silkrute deserves special mention.  They have dedicated separate sections for each Indian state, namely Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, North East... to name a few. So you don’t have to take the trouble of visiting these places if you want ethnic decor items exclusive to a state. You get to see and buy different kinds of exquisite Indian handicrafts all under one roof.

Yet another site to buy ethnic items online is Eazelly. From funky and colourful Kettle Lamps to Stringray leather bracelet with sterling silver cycle motif, their products are as exotic as it can get. If you want to stand out from the crowd – be it accessories or home decor items – look no further than Eazelly. They are also giving special offers for polki jewellery, handcrafted ethnic box clutches, slip-ons and more. You will also find colourful posters, heavily hand embroidered wall art in inimitable designs, photo bottle lamps, and even personalised hangers! So what are you waiting for!

Visit these home decor online shopping sites if you love vintage home decor and exquisite accessories. You are sure get hooked!