You can improve your room’s decor and air quality by adding an indoor plant. The houseplant is back in vogue, and for a good reason. They instantly make a room feel fresh and warm. If you are looking for some home improvement, you can achieve that easily with a houseplant. We list top 10 indoor plants that are easy to maintain and ideal for decoration.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle lead fig is an adorable plant, and is the darling of all interior designers. Its huge silky leaves add a zing to any interior. You can keep them in large containers, and they will be the focal point in any large room. Place them near a window to avoid direct sunlight. It has to be kept moist, but avoid too much water.

2. String of Pearls

Its long foliage with bead-like leaves is a perfect creeping succulent to add to any room. It is easy to share this plant with others as it will easily root. All you need to do is cut a few strings and give it to your friends. Place it somewhere with good amount of sunlight. It doesn’t need too much water. You can water it once a week, so that makes it easy to maintain. However, it is toxic, so keep it out of reach of children and pets.

3. String of Bananas

It is a variant of String of Pearls. As the name suggests, its leaves resemble banana leaves. Trim it every now and then so that it will grow thick. It will look beautiful on windowsills where its lovely foliage can trail. This plant doesn’t need direct sunlight. Water it only when the sand in the pot is dry. This is also a toxic plant so keep it away from children and pets.

4. Pothos

Pothos better known as Devil’s Ivy is best for those who destroy indoor plants owing to neglect. You can forget to water Pothos and ignore it in all possible ways. And guess what, they will survive. This plant is quite rough and tough as it is mostly found in the jungles. It is one of the best plants for purifying indoor air. It doesn’t need much light. Water it once a week.

5. Zee Zee Plant

It is yet another plant that will tolerate your neglect. Its unusual looks, and glossy green leaves are ideal for a room with a formal setting. You can use it as a table centrepiece. It needs bright, indirect light. Water it every two weeks.

6.Madagascar Dragon Tree

This plant is ideal to keep near a window, as it needs filtered sunlight. It will add impact to a modern room. You need to water it only once a month.

7. Maidenhair Fern

This plant is not easy to maintain, but they are beautiful to look at. Keep it moist and it will remain green for many years. Its delicate-looking foliage is perfect for a contemporary home. It needs filtered sunlight so keep it near a window without any curtains blocking the light. Water it daily.

8. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is also known as Mother-in law’s tongue. It has long, brusquely shaped leaves. The plant, which was quite popular in the 70s, is back in trend as a great indoor plant.

9. Umbrella Plant

Its pretty foliage makes Umbrella Plant perfect for indoors. It needs a lot of water, direct sunlight and regular fertilizing. This plant can also be shared easily. They will look great when paired with other indoor plants.

10. Air Plants

Air Plant is having a moment currently. You will spot this plant in the trendiest of places. If the indoor air is dry, mist it two times a week. Also, dip the whole plant in water for three hours every week. If it is in a glass globe, mist it with water daily.