For planting trees and shrubs the best season is the monsoon. You can also prepare the existing plants to take in the maximum nourishment during this season. In fact, it is the best season to plant trees as they will need little maintenance. If you give careful attention to watering all kinds of shrubs and trees can be planted during the rainy season. Here are some tips to take care of your garden during the monsoon.

Monsoon Season

Check drainage

In the garden and compound check your drainage system. If there is stagnation of water in the garden plants will rot. So take precautions to avoid this.

Encourage frogs and toads

Toads and frogs are good for your garden. They eat insects that can destroy your plans. You can create a small pond or stream inside the garden to encourage them.

Plant fast growing trees

Some of the fast-growing trees like Peltophorum, Ficus varieties and the Raintree can be planted during the monsoon. They form a reasonable amount of shade fast by branching out.

Plants for long-term projects

Some of the slow-growing trees with lesser neighbouring disturbance are Saraca, Spathodea, Mimusops elengi, Lawsonia, Cassia, and Tabebuia. You may plant these trees in sacks if you are planning a long-term project and until the near completion stage of the project maintain them. The trees would soon grow to a sufficient height. For instant greenery, you can plant them at the desired site.

Earthworms are good

A gardener’s best friend is earthworms. They tunnel down and aerate, and even fertilize the soil.

Take care of yellow leaves

If the leaves of some of your plants are turning yellow you can keep the soil moist to contain the problem. For maintaining moisture, mix a cup of cottonseed meal or rotted manure into the top layer of the soil.

Pruning and fertilizing

The two important tasks you need to do soon after summer is to prune the leaves and apply fertilizer. Plants will grow fresh shoot if you remove the dead growth. For nourishment required for fast growth the fertilizer helps.

Apply pesticides

After pruning fresh shoots start to appear. This is the time to apply the pesticide. To take care of fresh leaves from sucking pests external application of pesticides help.

Eliminate insects

Insects proliferate during the monsoon and need to be culled manually. To eliminate insects keep a bowl of kerosene beneath the plants.

Place your indoor plants outside

Indoor plants like humidity and they will love a little bit of rainwater. So keep them outside.