To make a small room look bigger is a struggle faced by apartment dwellers as well as students in a dorm or a shared accommodation. It is not an easy task to fit in a dining area, a TV and other things in a small living room. However, there are easy solutions to make small spaces multi-functional, inviting and classy, all at the same time. By thinking out of the box you can do wonders to a small room. Here are a few tips:

Small Room

  1. To open up the room take advantage of natural light as much as possible.
  2. Use the same colour drapes as your wall in a small room to make space look bigger. You can also opt for sheer drapes.
  3. If you live in a small space de-clutter insistently. Get rid of old clothes and other items if you haven’t used them in a year.
  4. To create a sense of space and light opt for armchairs and sofas that are raised on legs.
  5. Choose plain colours or small prints when it comes to rugs and furnishing fabrics. To expand a room always remember to use unified colours.
  6. To expand the space visually think in a colour palette that’s neutral and light.
  7. To make a room look bigger you can use reflections. So include mirrors in your decor.
  8. Invest in furniture those are multi-functional, such as ottomans, which can be used as an extra seating as well as a coffee table.
  9. Consider adding wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling bookcases.
  10. There is a wrong notion that a small room requires small furniture. But the reality is that a few big pieces of furniture will often make a small room look bigger.
  11. To give an airy look to a small room leave some empty space on an exposed shelf.
  12. Use furniture that can be stacked, or folded when not in use.
  13. You can opt for same colour furniture as your wall. This will make your space look wider.
  14. To create the illusion of a long room use expansive countertops in your kitchen or install a built-in desk that covers the entire length of a room.
  15. Leave some open space around your furniture instead of placing them against a wall.
  16. Paint the entire wall, detailing and trim in white or off-white.
  17. Opt for a dining table that can be made larger or smaller according to your convenience.
  18. To create the illusion of a high ceiling, paint it in a bright colour.
  19. To create a sense of depth in a small space leave your windows uncovered.
  20. To make your room appear like it goes on forever opt for a striped floor.
  21. To make a small space streamlined colour coordinate your books and knickknacks.
  22. To fool the eye into thinking there is more space opt for furniture that is see-through—like lucid chairs and glass tables.
  23. You can add a lot of drama to a small room by opting for big pieces of art. This will make the room look bigger as well.
  24. Buy a large bed that fills an entire room, and then build custom shelving around it.
  25. Add several lighting elements instead of one overhead fixture in a small room to avoid the focus on one spot.