Tips to Decorate With Rugs

October 23, 2019

Tips to Decorate With Rugs

To brighten up any room all you need to do is add a rug. If that is not good reason enough here are more.

You can visually tie different pieces together and bring some visual impact to a room using a rug.

A rug can add warmth to a room and define it.

Here are several different ways to decorate with a rug.

Define Areas Using Rugs

To separate or define areas, such as foyers, dining or seating areas rugs can be used. In larger rooms that need definition as well as studio apartments this is especially useful.

Create Variety

To create variety in a space you can use rugs. Same sized rugs can visually cut a room so be careful when you use two rugs in a room. To create a sense of variety use different sized rugs.

Create Harmony

If you are using more than one rug make sure that they complement each other. Otherwise it will look unpleasant or jarring. Beware of using too many patterns as it can disturb the harmony of the room.

Select rugs according to a room’s color scheme

You can use a rug according to the colour scheme of the room. It is also possible to use it as an accent piece if you are adding it after you have placed all the furniture.

Control the Volume

To turn up the volume or calm the look of a room you can use a rug. A subtle rug will be your best choice if your wallpaper or upholstery has an ornate pattern. Choose bolder colors or a busier pattern if upholstery and walls are fairly subdued.

Create a Focal Point

Rugs can make a huge impact and can be used as the focal point of your room. It is easy and all you need to do is paint your walls in a colour that echoes one of your rug’s accent colors.

Dress Up a Wall

To create a focal point or to display a rug, use it as a wall hanging.

Play Around With Shapes

A rug can be of any shape eg. oval, round or square. The shape of the rug should be based on the way you group your furniture.

Get the Size Right

Subtract 3 feet from the width and length of the room when you buy a room size rug. You can make the room look bigger by leaving the floor bare at the edges. Leave some space from the edge of the dining table from all sides when laying a rug so that the back legs of the chairs stay on the rug.

Update a Room

To update a room and introduce new colour trends when seasons change bring new rugs and pillows.

Useful tip:

You can prevent your rug from creeping or slipping by using a liner. To fully keep the rug from sliding, the rug liner should be of the right size and appropriate for your floor type.

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