It is always going to make you feel fresh with the mere thought of being surrounded by greenery itself. And true to what plant lovers and enthusiasts say; it is the best way to breathe in new life. Planting house plants around the interiors is like infusing gorgeous sheen in a simple yet effective way. It takes pure passion to maintain best plant decors. We have painstakingly researched and listed out some inspiring tips that can come handy for starters and useful for plant lovers. Our ideas are aimed to motivate you to bring in more life into your inner world.

Your dream to spend your life with your loved ones amidst the greens is not far from here.

List out the options you want to grow around your home. Try to do some research on the plant types that can thrive in the area provided. Some plants need more space and sunlight. So you need to decide on the plant types, planter box material and location.

Location is a crucial point to think about. One can choose indoor boxes for decorative plants or outdoor compartments in which the plants can grow around evenly with a strong supporting element nearby. However for other plants that need more sunlight and space need to be allocated with more rooms to shoot up and sprout.                                     

Selecting the right material

It is important to choose the right quality of materials for your plants to grow healthy and mature timely. Clay and terracotta planters are great for outdoor planting but not suitable for indoor as they as are susceptible to breakage and can turn your indoor a mess. There are wooden planter boxes too for those who prefer to go the natural way. Wooden planters hold the water well and more conducive in colder weather. Plastic, Steel and copper planters are preferable for indoor. If you can spend some extra bucks you can go for luxurious decorative plant pots and containers like some listed here.   

Misty Window hangings

Your living room or bed room appeal gets doubly lifted up by growing the Boston Ferns that hang beautifully in a basket. You can either make it rest in vanity on a pedestal or just hand in a basket near your windows. No matter what it only adds more to your persona and home style statement.

Decorative Dracaena

Commonly found Dracaena is known for its exotic look and is usually found in offices and plush home entrances. The plant infuses a feel of spaciousness coupled with abundance around the interiors.

Aesthetically placed snake plants in the Bed rooms

Snake plants are often placed around hotel lobbies, shopping malls. It needs minimal maintenance and can add up to the decoration of any home interiors.

Attention to home lighting conditions

It is equally important to pay attention to home lighting conditions for the greenery around your home to be perfect the way you wanted it to be. Regular monitoring of home plants needs to be done to ensure that they do not get exposed to either too much light or very little light. It is good to keep your plant near the window but it is even better to understand that window sizes vary from room to room and the direction of your window placement.

Understand your plants water requirement

Most indoor plants love to stay moist while other plants grow good if they get to dry between two successive watering intervals. If you love your plants you definitely got be sensitive to their requirements by knowing the moisture levels in the soil.  A fig plant with fiddle leaf looks good and easy for amateur home garden lovers. It gives a striking presence around the house with the least possible maintenance. It is best to choose plants that need medium to bright light exposure.

Fill up with the right soil

Understand your plant nature and type and fill up the planter boxes with the right soil. Plants with shallow roots need 2/3 scoops of soil combined with adequate proportion of manure and potting mix. All these take care of the water retention levels and fertility of the soil required for the plant growth.

Gardening is truly a personal experience. Hence we see many people considering it to be a very relaxing hobby. There may be situations that can go a little out of hand but there is a second chance. If you love the work, learn it as deeply as you can and adapt your gardening practices accordingly.