Cats and dogs can make a mess of your kitchen at feeding time and that is something all pet owners are well aware. They can scatter fish or kibble, and drip water all over after every meal leaving evidence of their feeding activities.

But it is possible to avoid the mess if you are a little careful.

Feeding Messes May Even Be Dangerous And not just Gross

Your kitchen will not only look terrible with all the water, food, and slobber left behind but also presents a few hygiene concerns. There will be a lot of bacteria in these items. And if there are small children they might fall sick.

It is always best to clean the mess as quickly as possible using a disinfectant to kill all the germs.

But prevention is always better than cure. Follow these 5 tips to prevent messes from happening in the first place.

  1. Provide separate food bowl for each pet.

There will be aggression and tension if you force your pets to share food bowls. The chaos will lead to water and food spills as your pets try to have food as quickly as possible. To eliminate these mess-causing behaviors feed them in separate dishes, and you can keep your kitchen clean.

  1. Use extra-large food bowls.

Try to use food bowls that are larger instead of using smaller bowls. This will keep the mess inside your pet’s bowl and help keep the flying particles to a minimum.

  1. Keep pet’s dishes on a silicone feeding mat.

For your pets, silicone feeding mats are excellent place mats. Before chow time, just slide them under your pet’s bowl and clean them off after your pet finishes eating. These mats are easy to clean and are not very expensive.

  1. Feed your pets at specific times.

Some owners leave the food for their pets on all times, which can lead to staining of walls and floors. But if you want a clean kitchen it will be best to have a specific feeding time. This way it will make it easier to clean up any messes created quickly and discourage pets from playing with their food.

  1. Avoid foods with artificial dyes or colours.

For your pet’s health it is a good idea to avoid foods with artificial dyes or colours, which can trigger food allergies. This will also prevent your pet’s food from staining the area where the food is served.