Picking the right upholstery can be quite daunting mainly because of the endless amount of choices. Leather or fabric? Solid or pattern? Neutral or bold colour? To set the tone of a room with upholstery there are infinite possibilities.

Since the right upholstery is an investment, finding something you’ll love for the long run will be more practical. But there is no need to worry. We help you with a few tips to tackle this process.

Functionality is key

The most critical aspect while determining the right type of fabric for a residential or commercial project is assessing the level of abuse the upholstered piece will endure over its lifetime. It is always better to opt for stain-resistant fabrics, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Durability counts if the piece is going in a highly trafficked area. Polyester is a good choice as it repels stains and is more durable.  

Colour correction

Colour is the first thing to consider if you are looking for fabric for a vintage piece. Go for neutral colours like white, black or grey for more quirky, sculptural pieces. These colours will make them look a bit more elegant and subtle. You can have a pop of colour if you have a simpler piece of furniture. But before you choose the fabric, figure out the color palette of the room.

Texture tussle

After colour the next most important aspect is texture. For a more versatile look mixing up the upholstery styles in the room will help. For instance, opt for leather, linen or canvas if there’s a lot of velvet in a space.

Solids are always timeless

Choosing upholstery for a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, can be an investment so it is always better to stick with solid fabric in a color you’ll never tire of. Solids are always timeless. On the other hand, bold prints feel dated in a few years. You may feel like they are awesome now but soon you will get tired of them. If you are looking to accent your sofa, choose pillows in fun patterns and prints to give it some personality.

Remember, it is always easier to work with neutral upholstery if you ever want to change up your look.

Comfort matters

If you’re going to really use a sofa make sure you love sitting in it. There is no point in making it look classy and elegant if you can’t spend five minutes in it feeling comfortable. For instance, if it’s a TV room where you will be curling up to watch movies then the sofa should have extra seat depth. However, a really deep sofa is not practical in an entertaining space, as it will be hard to sit comfortably. It will swallow people. So think about the purpose for which you are going to use it and choose upholstery accordingly.