Carpets are no longer a simple necessity but a design essential. With carpet comes undeniable warmth, and texture. But wall-to-wall, plush designs are no longer in vogue. From sustainable materials to bold patterns, carpets are now full of character. If you have decided to decorate your house with carpets watch out for these trends that are filled with patterns and vibrant to the core.


Your entryway is the first impression people get when they step into your home. For carpet entryways have become popular spaces because for a home they set the tone. Go with lighter colours like whites, beiges and grays even though it’s an entryway. To hide the dirt don’t ever think of using a dark rug. But make your entryway as luxurious as a bedroom or living room. For that ultimate statement bring in vibrant carpets.

entryway carpet


When it comes to the size we are going bigger in 2019. People want to make sure that a carpet really fit into their space so they are paying more attention to the size of a rug. Standard sizes just don’t fit since all rooms are not created equal. Hence custom-made carpets are gaining in popularity. And you can enjoy the luxury of a carpet made especially for your space. Carpets are a lifetime investment so why not splurge!


In 2019 low-pile heights will still be popular. You don't see any marks, there is no need to move furniture and doors, and they are easier to clean, as well.


In the high-end market silk and wool will still be popular. But according to designers, 2019 will see jute rising in popularity. They are also good for people with allergies and they give character to any room.

Multicoloured designs

According to designers, in carpet designs in 2019 burgundy, taupe, green and blue, will continue to be hot. At the same time, multicolored styles will also be popular. Designers are trying to bring a lot of colours to interiors and this year they will definitely incorporate multiple colors. And when it comes to multicoloured rugs they have an advantage as there is no need to narrow down their color choices.


Soothing ice cream shades are back in vogue. The fun colours that you mostly see in ice cream parlours are being used by interior designers to deck up homes. For a minimal yet playful interior accent, they are using gelato inspired tones which make a statement and are more vivid. Use soft tones and that is the key here.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterned carpets are not exactly a new trend but are a great alternative to florals and solids. Expect to see bold, colourful and lively patterns set on bold tones. Pastel and gold tones are gaining in popularity.