Just like fashion that changes every season so do Christmas decoration trends. Here is a sneak peek into what is hot this season

The hottest Christmas decoration trends

All white

All white decorations seem to have caught the fancy of the trend conscious. Adorn your Christmas tree with beautiful layers of crisp white all in different textures. It will really look chic, elegant and beautiful on a tree. Make sure you get baubles in different textures while opting for an all white look to create some interest.

Traditional Vs Beachy themes

For Christmas traditional fare always wins hearts. However, this year crystals, organics, beachy and underwater themes are making their presence felt.

Going natural

More natural decorations are preferred by many this year. If you want to follow the trend make sure to decorate the Christmas tree with gold baubles and earthy colours. You can also make homemade decorations using brown paper or cardboard. Also, origami pieces with gold threads will look adorable.

Crystal craze

If you are not a fan of the earthy look, you can opt for crystal decorations to fill the tree for an eye-catching look. Depending on your budget you can opt for real crystals or crystal like decorations. They will look ethereal.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are always in vogue, but this year they make an appearance on the most unlikely objects. For a more decadent look all you need is a dry branch and decorate it with fairy lights. It will look magical, and you can save on baubles.

Green and red

The traditional green and red colour theme will never go out of trend. Even if you are going traditional don’t go for too much red decorations on a green Christmas tree. Bring in some gold and silver baubles to tone it a bit.

Candles in Christmas scent

 At Christmas time candles are a beautiful thing. They also make beautiful gifts. At Christmas even the scent of a particular candle can really be special. Select a Christmas scent like pine, especially if you are inviting people over.

Beautiful wreaths

To announce Christmas is here wreaths are a great way and they give your entrance a festive look.