We all know how refreshing a shower feels. But not many of us know that there is a scientific reason behind this. This is the same reason why people flock to beaches, waterfalls, and oceans for vacations. Negative ions are released into the environment from the falling water from waterfalls, fountains and even your morning shower. For our physical well-being these ions have a profound effect.


The healing power of water features


When there are positive ions in the environment it will increase oxygen content and blood flow to your cells, which will have an effect on your mind and body. It can create a calming effect by lowering blood pressure and stabilizing respiration. For all metabolic functions increased oxygen content in your blood is critical, which will in turn effects your mood.

Here are some of the healing powers of water features.

The moving water create an excellent sound therapy

Different frequencies of sound can affect our body. For our mind, the sound of the moving water is very relaxing and the most beneficial. It has the ability to inspire, calm and heal. In the design of temples, gardens, and cities water features had an important place since time immemorial.

Water features refresh the air we breathe

Purifying, moisturizing and humidifying the air around us are certainly one of their main benefits of water features. Beneficial negative ions are generated into your environment by water features. And taking into consideration the many harmful conditions created by our modern living habits this is very important.

Water features make us feel relaxed by bringing a calming environment

Water features excite our senses but connecting us with nature. It helps to bring into our environment harmony. It is also soothing to the eyes and ears.

Bring a little part of the outdoors inside by placing an indoor water fountain.

To create the flow of positive energy in your workplace or home incorporate a water feature

In the science of Feng Shui and the ancient Chinese art water features are an important element. The waving and flowing water will create peace and harmony by balancing the textures and harsh shapes of architectural elements. Water features can bring prosperity to your life in addition to good health when placed in your home or office. To invite the good energy to your house place a bird bath on the left side of your entrance door.

Art therapy with water features

It’s so nice to see a water feature incorporated in the office, home design or community spaces. Our creativity will be stimulated when we are near a water feature. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains, and streams of water can add a beautiful visual element to any backyard, garden, or home decor.