Sumptuous aromas are the trademark of the holiday season. When it comes to home fragrance there is an ever growing market. The classic Christmas scents are pine and cinnamon. But now more tantalizing notes are getting blending with these traditional fragrances to create new inviting scents for the home. If you are looking for festive scents for Christmas home fragrance, follow this guide.

Christmas home fragrance

Christmas Spice

Spiced scents are the most classical of festive fragrances. Traditionally, clove and cinnamon are the most favourite festive scents but they have evolved for more sensitive tastes. Having said that, the key notes are still clove and cinnamon. But now you will find more sumptuous take on these festive spices with more spices like the ancient Christmas elements of myrrh and frankincense, and cardamom and ginger more frequently used. To create a refined, rich fragrance full of winter warmth these notes are also frequently paired with musk or woods.

Festive Forest

Two of the most famous Christmas fragrance has been the woody notes of spruce or pine as they smell of fresh Christmas trees. Depending on the wood the notes can be either light and crisp or rich and hearty in woody fragrances. For the classic Christmas tree scent opt for fir, spruce and pine, with crisp undertones. At the same time, rosewood, sandalwood and cedar with their rich base notes are gaining in popularity. As standalone scents woody notes are excellent. To add a sophisticated, sumptuous air to any fragrance they can be perfectly paired with spicy, fruit, or sweet notes.

Sparkling Fruits

Fruit scents are popular during the festive season. We associate the smell of candied fruits used in mince pies and Christmas puddings as well as smell of orange this season. Orange is often found in festive home fragrances. For many, traditional seasonal scents can be overbearing and hence they are blended with festive spices for a fresh, juicy hint. For Christmas candles other fruits like mandarins, lemons and berries are popular as they offer a tartness which is not overly sweet but refreshing. For those who love invigorating scents with a festive touch all year round it is a perfect choice.

Fresh & Frosty

For those who dislike classy scents but are looking for fresh festive scents there is an influx of fragrances. For instance, frost-filled fresh fragrances infused with notes of cool mint, fresh citrus and Scandinavian wood in frost-filled fresh fragrances. Notes of white wine added in Christmas scents are ideal for festive gatherings and parties.

Sugary Sweet

Sugary sweet home fragrances are also popular during the Christmas season as they are reminiscent of our favourite pastries and puddings. This is especially a hit with those with a sweet tooth. These scents have a delightful buttery base and are combined with spices for a sweet fragrance. They range from warm caramel to classic vanilla notes. These scents are great in the dining rooms and kitchens as they will fill home with the luxurious sweetness this Christmas.