Did you know that there are lucky plants for each zodiac sign? Even if you are not much into plants and gardening you can certainly bring home that one plant that is perfect for your personality. Here are a few houseplants that are ideal for your zodiac sign. Pick your perfect match!

Zodiac sign based house plants

Aquarius: Rex Begonia

Aquarius can sometimes be eccentric and energetic, and other times quiet. Rex Begonia is uniquely shaped with colourful foliage that is not too bright. It is your perfect match. It can be subtle but still attention-grabbing.

Pisces: Spider Plant

Pisceans are empathetic and unselfish. Whatever comes their way they accept as they're also easygoing people. That’s why for your personality spider plants are perfect. They are adaptable and need little care, and you can keep them in a room that receives little sunlight.

Aries: Cactus

Aries, you're totally ambitious, assertive and independent. You love to go on adventures and find it difficult to stay in one place for too long. You need a plant that will survive while you're off living your wildlife. The best pick for your personality is a sturdy cactus.  

Taurus: Jade

Taurus people are detail-oriented, trustworthy and reliable. You are not afraid to treat yourself. Jade grows at a slow and steady pace and they are perfect for you because they don’t need too much care. Their leaves have beautiful little details and you'll love it.

Gemini: Air Plant

For Gemini, the air plant is your perfect match. You are a dreamer with your head filled with unrealistic ideas. And just like you air plants are free-spirited. They don’t need soil to survive as they don't grow roots. Whenever you want to show off you can easily move these plants to different places and planters.

Cancer: Peace Lily

Cancer, you don’t believe in first impressions. Despite being quite emotional, intuitive, and dedicated friends you're often mistaken as standoffish and prickly. Even if you don't have a green thumb you can bring home a Peace Lily as they are easy to take care of and adaptable. Basically, they are loyal for life, just like a Cancer.

Leo: Rubber Tree

Leo, you love attention. You're courageous, warm, proud and bold, and you need a plant just like you. Rubber tree grabs all the attention, just like you, as they grow large and robust.

Virgo: Azalea

The notoriously tricky-to-care-for Azalea plant can be taken care of only by a Virgo. Thanks to your attention to detail and perfectionism, they are well-suited for you. Besides, you want to be surrounded by all things that are an aesthetically-pleasing extension of your personality and the azalea is definitely it.

Libra: Snake Plant

Libras appreciate the beauty in everything and are selfless, kind and strive for harmony and balance at all times. A snake plant is perfect for Libra as they are super easy to care for since they strike the balance between Instagram-worthy and hardy so well.

Scorpio: Aeonium

Scorpio, you have a tough exterior and you are fearless and independent. That could be the reason why people underestimate your emotional intelligence and sensitivity. Similarly, Aeoniums can be a little trickier to take care of although they seem as hardy as other succulents. Plus, the aeonium values its alone time like you, so it is better to plant them in a separate pot.

Sagittarius: Monstera Deliciosa

As a Sagittarius, you're free-spirited, adventurous and creative and your perfect match will be the oversized Monstera deliciosa plant. Its vibrant, bold and unique leaves are just perfect for you. Wherever you put it in your home it’ll flourish.

Capricorn: Bromeliad

For Capricorns, the unique looking Bromeliad plant is perfect as you focus a lot on the aesthetic side of things. Bromeliads grow to soak up more moisture and sun, and will also lean on nearby structures just like Capricorns who need a push to come out of their shells at times.