Tempted to Try Wallpaper? 10 Tips for Finding the Right Pattern

October 26, 2018

Tempted to Try Wallpaper? 10 Tips for Finding the Right Pattern

The entire look of a room can be changed by using wallpaper. However, professional installation is a must. If you are tempted to try wallpaper here are 10 tips to find the right pattern.

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Refer to a lot of images

Refer images of rooms with wallpaper. Go through the images and pick what you like the most. It can be subtle, bold and graphic, organic or more scenic. You can narrow down your research if you can name a few themes running through the images you love.

Opt for your most preferred natural style

You will find a wallpaper to suit your taste, whether your taste is traditional or modern. What are you frequently drawn to? Is it the styles, patterns or colours? Pick wallpaper that is close to your personal style. Don’t go for passing fads because wallpaper is an investment for years to come.

Get a sample and live with it

Getting a wallpaper sample is a must. Live with it for a while by taping it to the wall in the room where you want to hang it. See whether it is matching other fabrics and finishes in the room.

Know your goal

Do you want the wallpaper to add texture, depth, or warmth to the room? What kind of a mood is it that you are trying to achieve? Do you want to feel optimistic and happy or do you want to feel glamorous when you walk into your space? Are you looking for that wow factor? If that is what you want then subtle wallpaper will disappoint you. Ask for samples before you take a decision.

Explore your entire wall covering options

A lot of options in wall coverings are available today. There are a variety of materials accessible from silk and grass cloth to textured papers that mimic stone and wood. Richly textured wallpaper will be the right choice if your goal is to add cosiness and warmth.

Consider the view from other rooms

Choosing the right accent wall to cover is essential. From the next space, peek into your room. Place the sample paper on different walls and view it from an adjacent room to see whether it is jarring with the rest of the décor.

To avoid pattern fatigue choose the right space

The safest bets are rooms where you spend the least amount of time. For instance, study rooms, guest bedrooms, bedrooms, and formal dining rooms are all best contenders for wallpaper. Without putting in the much decorating effort you can add style in spades to these rooms.

Go subtle

You can certainly enjoy wallpaper in a living room. But if you are someone who constantly changes other features in the room then it is better to opt for subtle wallpaper.

Get professional advice

Before placing an order for wallpaper contact a professional wallpaper hanger. They will be able to help you decide what to buy. For a seamless look on the wall, each roll has to be cut and matched precisely. And depending on the shape and size of the room the amount of paper will vary.   

Before committing get more samples

Wallpaper is generally produced in small lots, like fabric and yarn. To get the exact match in colour and tone you will need a paper from the same lots. So get more samples.

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