Dining tables are great places that bring friends and relatives together and an opportunity to celebrate their homecoming with great conversations. The right kind of dining tables, side tables,chairs and décor will create warmth and understanding between you and your guest. Novel table décor ideas serve as a major point of attraction for you and your guest.


Table Decor Ideas to Add Beauty to Your Home


For the special occasions, the tables are covered with table runners, table clothes and placemats. For round tables use a single runner in the centre, while using two runners at criss-cross for a square and rectangle table giving the layered object look. Bright colored cloth runners are used during daytime and mild colors such as white, beige and blue in the evening.

For every guest at the table add a place mat and big size ornamental dish to give the extra special look for your loved ones.Cloth napkins folded and inserted in metal napkin holders placed near the dish shows that you care for your guest. Add a stemmed glass and a flower vase with a single flower like rose or daisy, next to the ornamental dish to finish off the table décor. For extra-large tables the flower vase could be matched with the matching candle holder and a tall candle to go with it. Indulging in table décor such as well-dressed photo frames and fancy place cards could be great parting gifts to your guest. Household hand painted ceramic bowls and the large scarfs serve as visual layer effect on the table.

Placing a mirror in gilded tray adds more beauty and serves as a great exiting topic to talk about at the table. Laminated music sheet placemats and velvet ribbons adorn the table to accentuate the unique look. A center piece flower arrangement or a large designer bowl at the center of the table give the finesse to the table décor. 

Silver cutlery for the special occasion leaves the table with the impeccable look that you want your guest to experience.Next to the center piece place a welcome note to invite your guest. The silverware spoons,knives and forks are tied together with satin ribbons for the special day. For snack loving guest add a glass vase full of whole hazelnuts and place a flower in it, to give the extra special effect.

Message wantons with tiny messages in it create interesting conversation points. Ensure message of friendship and warmth are reflected on these tiny pieces of paper go a long way.

Also adorn your side table with the potpourri to leave the dining area fragrant or use a room freshener. Keep all bowls and serviette handy at the side table for ease of use.

Also place the wine bottles in the holder at the table to give the special evening look. Keep cookies and chocolates as parting gifts for your guests wrapped in colorful packages.Changing the table décor to the mood and the festivities adds color to life and brings out the creativity in you. Color scheme and different themes could be customized to each ones taste and preferences.These table décor ideas compliment your attitude to provide the best experience to your guest.