Indoor plants are not only aesthetically appealing, but can also add a positive vibe to any room. It is a well-known fact that the simplest way to purify air is to place an indoor plant. Potted plant displays can be the focal point on your furniture. You can use them on coffee or dining room tables as living, breathing decorations. Plant displays can uplift any dull room by giving it a bright punch of colour in an instant. Even a simple indoor plant display can make the room look fresh and colourful.

Creative ideas abound when it comes to decorating your home with indoor plants. The age-old boring vases and pots are passé. To display indoor plants, several items are now available like urns, a variety of planters in various hues and shapes, exotic collections of fibreglass planters and other decorative accessories. You can easily buy them online. These planters can add a zing to any deck, patio or corner. We give you a few suggestions to create stunning indoor plant displays.

Create a happy corner

The corners of a room are considered as wasted spaces where nothing fits. You can transform these spaces and create a colourful and happy corner in any room by mixing plants in all sorts of colours and textures. Also use different variety of planters for creating a lovely corner. Clusters of plants are best suited for room corners.

A vertical plant arrangement

For a bare wall, a vertical plant arrangement is like a piece of artwork. You can hang the plants anywhere you want and it would brighten up any room.

Decorate shelves and tables with indoor plants

An indoor plant display in an attractive planter can give character to dull shelves or tables. You can place plants on the table as well as around it. Fresh plants will make the room feel more cozy, fresh and inviting. To add originality to your interior décor, you can place planters on an old wooden ladder, too.

Use mason jars as plant pots

Old mason jars can also be used as plant pots for some small plants that can fit in the jar.

Classy terrariums

Hang succulent terrariums to add shades of green to your interior.  They are a unique way to decorate your home. Terrariums look like beautiful mini gardens with a modern twist.

Old fashioned tea cups as planters

If you have old teapots and teacups, they make for excellent plant displays. They give an old world charm to your home. Use them to plant small flowers.

A green stairway

To make your stairways look stunning, exhibit your indoor plants along the edges of your staircase. Place small plants in beautiful pots or place a single huge plant.

Indoor plants to divide space

You can use a shelf full of plants as screens to separate two rooms. Use plants that spill out of their containers on the shelf as they add a nice sense of movement to a room. This will only add to the aesthetic appeal of the room without the monotony of a huge screen.