The weather is getting warmer by the day and you must be feeling energetic. Now is the time to channelize this energy into getting your home spotlessly clean. Spring cleaning is a great way to take care of the spots that have been neglected during the winter months. However, if you are unclear about where and how to start follow this checklist and tackle dust and dirt room by room.

Spring Cleaning

Begin by organizing and decluttering your home. Then you can start with your spring cleaning.

Family Room

  1. Dust thoroughly after removing all décor from shelves.
  2. Dust all hanging picture frames and clean the glasses.
  3. Vacuum sofa after removing all cushions. Remove and wash your cushion covers and then put clean covers before replacing.
  4. If you are not using certain appliances store them away and dust the remaining ones.
  5. Vacuum all carpets or better still get them dry cleaned. Remove all area rugs and shake the dust out.
  6. Wipe all plants clean using water or oil.
  7. Clean all ceiling fans.
  8. Wipe down light switches and dust all light fixtures.


  1. Using warm water and vinegar clean the cabinets after removing the items inside.
  2. Reconsider items and throw away unused bottles. Keep the remaining items in an orderly manner after the water inside the cabinets dry out completely.
  3. Remove grime and grease that are stuck outside the cabinets. Pay special attention to the handles.
  4. Remove and wash light fixtures or dust them properly.
  5. Thoroughly sweep and mop the floor after pulling large appliances away from the wall. Scrub and clean the grout in between tiles.
  6. Clean the refrigerator after removing all the items. With hot water and soap wipe down the entire inside. Discard items that you no longer use. Replace the items after wiping the surface clean. Clean the outside in the same manner.
  7. Clean the microwave inside out.
  8. Thoroughly wash all wall and base board areas.
  9. Clean the drawers after removing small items.


  1. Dust all furniture.
  2. Flip your mattress and vacuum it. Clean under the bed after moving it.
  3. Wash duvets base and pillows. Change pillowcases and sheets.
  4. With hot water and soap solution wash walls as well as all base boards.
  5. Clean ceiling fans and thoroughly clean light coverings after removing them.
  6. Clean your closet after removing items. Discard or donate clothes you no longer need. Return clothing after dusting them.
  7. Clean drawers and wipe them clean. Donate items you don’t need.
  8. Spot clean or deep clean carpets.
  9. Dust all décor and hanging pictures.


  1. Using appropriate cleaners deep clean the shower and ceiling. With a toothbrush get in between tiles and clean the grout.
  2. Using appropriate cleaners clean other shower fixtures until they are shiny and nice.
  3. Wash shower curtain or replace it if it is too dirty.
  4. Discard old or empty bath items. Using bleach wash bath tub storage fixtures.
  5. Thoroughly clean the toilet after removing the lid. Put a cleaning liquid inside the toilet and let it soak in a bit. And then scrub the entire inside.
  6. Wipe clean all vanity drawers and cabinets after removing all toiletries. Discard any empty or unused containers.
  7. Clean all light fixtures and mirrors
  8. Launder all toilet coverings and bath mats.
  9. Mop floors and wipe clean base boards.

In all rooms

  1. Wash windows thoroughly.
  2. Dust all blinds and launder all curtains.
  3. Upholstered items can be spot treated if they can’t be laundered.
  4. Clean switches and handles that are commonly touched.
When you start your spring cleaning this season hopefully these tips will help you tackle each room!