Soil-Saving Tips for Planting Big Pots

January 30, 2017

While it is always best to fill pots up with potting soil and pebbles, if your planting pot is very big, it will become quite heavy if you do so. The best option is to fill the bottom with a lightweight material. It can not only lessen the weight of your pot but can also save you money. Here are some good options for raising the base of the container while maintaining good drainage.


Soil Saving Tips for Planting Big Pots


Use Milk Jugs, Soda Bottles

You can use soda bottles, milk jugs, or any lightweight material designed for this purpose. This way you can not only save soil but also make the pot lightweight. This will make it easy for you to move the pot anywhere you like. A large pot, filled with damp soil and plants will be quite heavy and won’t be suited in areas where there are weight issues. Just to moisten all the soil you will need an enormous amount of water, too. By filling the bottom of the pot with a lightweight material you can save water as well.

It is easy to cut a piece of plastic to fit into your pot. Cleaning up and emptying the pot will also be easy at the end of the season as this will separate the soil from other materials.

Use Planter Discs or Inserts

This is an incredibly simple and inexpensive solution -- planter inserts. If you are worried about the drainage you must certainly use planter inserts. This will ensure that your potted plants and flowers grow faster than ever and have bigger produce, healthier roots, and more radiant blooms. 

Fill it with Empty Plastic Pots

This is probably the cheapest and easiest container insert. Just use the empty plastic pots that your plants came in and turn them upside down. Be sure that the plastic container is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the soil and plants, and that there are enough holes for drainage.

Old Bath-Scrubbies

You can also use old bath-scrubbies instead of plastic. This will ensure that the soil is always moist and good drainage for water.  You can reuse old ones you already have or buy new ones, they are not expensive. While using old bath scrubbies, make sure there is no soap residue. Clean it thoroughly with hot water before use. You can cut up lengths of the material from just one or use the scrubber whole depending on the size of your pots.

On top of the scrubbie material you can also use a piece of weed-blocking cloth, so there won’t be any loss of soil.

Happy potting!

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