Sneaky Storage Tricks for a Tiny Kitchen

February 06, 2020

Sneaky Storage Tricks for a Tiny Kitchen

You cannot afford to waste a single inch when you’ve limited cooking space. This means that to store your sponges you might have to use the inside of your cabinet door or hang spices on an open wall. Here are a few storage tricks for a tiny kitchen.

Reorganize Your Walls

Using hooks turn previously wasted wall space into a genius pot and pans wall. The less-appealing and chunky items will be easier to grab, too.

Nestle Wine Glasses

Add a riser, which is easily available on e-commerce sites, for plates and bowls, and make more space in your cabinet for wine glasses.

Use Cabinets Strategically

You don’t use baking dishes on a daily basis so why not just store them out of reach? Using risers it is easy to create ample room for dishes on any number of shelves.

Don’t Overpack Cabinets

Create categories to keep tabs on the food you already have. Make separate sections for sweets, snacks and breakfast foods. You can leave one rack empty for foreseeable excess.

File Your Platters

For heavy serving platters, trays and cutting boards filing organizer is ideal because it won’t wiggle as you pull items in and out as it screws into the bottom of the cabinet.

Use Your Doors

One of the most under-utilized spaces in most kitchen is the inside of the cabinet doors. To add extra storage use caddies and hooks. You can use the space to store your grocery bags.

Use Clear containers

By storing items in clear containers you can see when you’re running low and add them to your shopping list.

Nestle Your Utensils

To help organize your utensil drawer add plastic caddies and go the extra step and nestle your spoons and forks together.

Think About Weight

As a rule, it’s always better to place heavy items like iron skillets and ovens in the lowest cabinet possible. It’s safer to pull them out that way and you also don’t have to worry about the shelf they’re sitting on collapsing under their weight.

Look Up

Add extra shelves on a wasted wall and use it for storing spices, or any dinnertime favorites.

 Look Above Your Range

Use your stovetop to store your pots and cooking utensils so that everything you need will always be at hand.

Choose a Hollow Island

Leave the back of the island open and use it to store everything you want like holiday accessories and cookbooks.

Build a Better Bench

Instead of dining chairs opt for a breakfast nook bench as it takes up less space, and works double-duty with storage under the seats.

Be Narrow-Minded

For organizing canned goods the skinny space between your fridge and the wall is prime real estate.

Display What You Can

Make a wall rack for your platters. It doubles as wall art and creates extra storage.

Utilize Baskets

For corralling goodies on the tippy-top shelf easy-to-grab bins are great.

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