To style a small bedroom into a restful retreat all you need is a little strategic planning. Here are a few decorating ideas to make the most of your small space.

Smart design solutions for small bedrooms

Storage Meets Style

It is more about function than style when it comes to the teensiest of rooms. Try to incorporate storage near the bed. In tight spaces wall hooks can be added as another smart layer of storage.

The Door Is Always Open

An exposed wardrobe will work well for small bedrooms. It will add an instant visual space. You can even remove the bi-fold doors from your existing closet to make your tiny bedroom look much larger. However, you will have to keep your closet clutter-free all the time.

Hanging Around

Floor space is at a premium for tiny bedrooms. Instead of table lamps opt for adorable hanging nightstand to save space.

Clever Colour Choice

In a small bedroom the use of light, cool colours will make it feel larger. An all-white bedroom will work well.

Think Outside the Bedroom

If your bedroom has a small balcony or porch you can create the illusion of one larger room by incorporating the outside space with your small bedroom.

Seating and Storage in One

A bench or an ottoman is a more practical choice in small bedrooms than an armchair. You can opt for bench with concealed storage.

Accent wall

You can play with colours by making a single accent wall. For instance, paint the three walls in a light hue and choose a fun wallpaper for the accent wall.

Trick the Eye

To make a room larger by emphasising the space utilise stripes in a small bedroom. A full-size striped area rug can also work wonders if patterned walls aren’t your thing.

Beneath the Bed

Make use of the area under the bed. You can store shoes, books and other knickknacks. You can also use metal or wooden baskets neatly tucked under the bed.

Table-Space Solution

Opt for smaller furnishings. Skip the table lamp to make more room on a petite nightstand. Try mounting a light to the wall beside the bed.

Let the light in

Natural light will make small spaces look larger. You can instantly feel like you have more space if you make your window a focal point.

Loft beds

Loft beds are not just for kids. A loft bed with a sophisticated colour palette and mature decor will visually double the space in your tiny bedroom.

Double-Duty Furniture

If you fit in a nightstand, desk, and dresser along with the bed in a small bedroom the space will look cramped. Opt for double duty furniture. For instance, a desk which can also function as a night stand will be a great choice.