Shopping in Pondicherry? Top 7 items to buy

September 11, 2018

Shopping in Pondicherry? Top 7 items to buy

For the passionate shopper, Pondicherry offers an array of boutiques, shops, and department stores. You will also find highly creative potters from whom you can shop till your heart’s content. Pondicherry is, indeed, a shopper's delight. You will find all kinds of things here, and the best part is each piece will have something unique about it. Another highlight is that the prices of whatever you buy while in Pondicherry will be cheaper.

Unless you indulge in unrestrained shopping at the several markets and shopping complexes a trip to Pondicherry will remain incomplete. From cars to consumer goods you can buy almost anything at Pondicherry. Products from the Aurobindo Ashram like incense sticks, table lamps, paper, candles, clothes, and other home accessories are very popular among tourists.

In Pondicherry, you can enjoy an extremely enchanting shopping experience. If you are heading to Pondicherry you must certainly shop for these 7 items.

  1. Textiles

To purchase fabrics of various kinds Pondicherry is the best place. It is famous as a centre for producing garment textiles in twill, satin, poplin, corduroy, Oxford, chambray, Khadi and cambric, as well as household linen.

  1. Pottery

For buying clayware and ceramic articles Pondicherry and Auroville are excellent centers. You can shop handcrafted pottery, incense holders, tableware, perfume diffusers, and more.


  1. Leather Products

If you want to purchase genuine leather products made in the traditional way, look no further. You will find contemporary leather goods that are carefully finished, which are very popular among tourists and wholesalers.

  1. The Boutiques of Pondicherry

All over the town, you will find quaint boutiques selling one-of-a-kind products. What lends further charm to the wonderful ambiance apart from their products is that they welcome shop-hoppers with the fragrant scents of perfumed candles and incense. From marbled silks, semi-precious stones, garments, hand-made incense, perfumes, candles embossed with real petals, to aromatherapy products you will find a wide variety of products here. Tibetan handicrafts and French antique furniture are other things you should not miss.


  1. Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is being produced by the Aurobindo Ashram factory for decades now and their popularity has not dwindled. For tourists shopping in Pondicherry, the rich color and texture of these papers are irresistible.

  1. Scents of Pondicherry

To buy incense, aromatherapy oils, essential oil enriched massage oils & perfumed candles Pondicherry is the best place. The products you get to buy here are made using the best of ingredients and hence they are pure and natural.

  1. Unique handicrafts
Another specialty item you get to buy here is fiberglass decorative products that accentuate and add value to your environment. For gifting purpose as well as to rev up your home Yaanai Uruli is one of the popular items. Made using fiber-reinforced plastic it is very attractive and gorgeous decorative product which adds charm to your place. The African elephant and its elegant calf gracing the faux granite stone pond will leave your guests astonished for sure.

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