Shabby Chic Style for the Vintage-Inspired Home

October 09, 2019

Shabby Chic Style for the Vintage-Inspired Home

Love the shabby chic look? Almost 20 years after the term was first coined shabby chic is still going strong and is possibly one of the most popular trends ever. It is also referred to as vintage chic or country chic. It’s an eclectic style that mixes lace and feminine floral, pastel colours and antique furniture.

You’re in luck if you love this dreamy and soft style, as it is inexpensive and easy to achieve. It is all about antiqued or up-cycled furniture. You can either buy modern furniture and do the makeover or find old pieces cheaply.

Follow these tips and tricks to create a shabby chic home.

Soft Colors

Stay away from pops of bright hues. Less is more when it comes to color in shabby chic style. Look for wall art or throw pillows that feature bold patterns in light shades to energize a corner or space.

Shabby chic is also about layers and light shades play a defining role. When it comes to a sofa or table choose soft colours that are practical and appealing. Think of light beige or fresh white, and washed-out pastels on cozy fabric. Opt for thick textures and quality materials to prevent ‘washed-out’ from looking run-down. For a luxurious and breezy feel opt for silky-smooth duvet or a cozy area rug.

Scallops, Curves and Tassels

Refresh dull space with vintage colours like ivory and navy. While choosing tablecloth, rug or pillow opt for these colours. Nothing beats antique woods when it comes to shabby chic.

Weathered metals and distressed woods, scallops, curves and tassels in upholstery should be your choice. To every corner add an overdose on feminine flourishes and curlicues.

Distressed Woods

A little distress can go a long way in shabby chic décor – whether it’s a silver trash can, an aluminum mailbox or even a gleaming mirror. Look for wooden detailing with a worn-out finish to add a rustic ambiance to everyday items.

Balance material and texture to maintain a rustic-meets-elegant vibe. Pair a slick glass vase with a quaint nightstand with chipped paint.

If there are heavy or dark accents like rosewood, plant them in unexpected places and designs.

Shiny Details

Bring out the sophistication of shabby chic with a touch of shine. For instance, on a distressed wooden table place silver ceramic kittens or flowerpot or even a couple of stainless steel bowls. To keep a clean elegance avoid glitz in metal décor and neons.

This eclectic style doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. What you need to strive to achieve is to keep the staples wooden and details shiny.

With a little bit of strategic accessorizing you can keep the shabby chic ambiance even if you have sleek statement pieces. For instance, place an antique table runner on a coffee or end table.

Keep in mind that shabby chic is all about rustic-meet-elegant vibe.

Happy decorating!

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